Stepping It Up in Middle School

By The Study Hall | Nov 06, 2017

I’ve met a lot of people over the years in the tutoring business. One older woman who had spent many years watching children go through middle and high schools was particularly interesting. She said, “You have to step it up in middle school.”


She went on to explain that the middle school years were a perfect time to increase academic demands on young teens. They are still being watched fairly closely at home—they can’t drive and they don’t have jobs yet. They are still in a phase of development where they are interested in feedback and gaining approval from adults, even if sometimes they seem like they don’t care! And their habits are not set in stone, so there is still time to teach them to be persistent and meticulous in their work.


She said if the demands increase in middle school, the students will rise to meet them. If, however, students get the message that they can get by on just their ability, if they get lazy about working at tough problems, or worst of all, if they learn they can take shortcuts or even cheat, they will never recover the right attitudes and practices in high school.


Unfortunately, large public middle schools can not always get everyone to “step it up.” The Study Hall can serve an important purpose for local families who have their eyes on the long term success of their students. We have math and reading tutors who can do “check ups” and suggest areas to work on.


Here is a small list to start with:


Does your 5th grader do “mental math” fluently?

Does your 7th grader enjoy problem solving?

Does your 6th grader know how to write a topic sentence and a paragraph to match it?

Does your 7th grader read at least 2 entire books a month?

Has your 7th grader ever had to write something longer than 1 page? Can s/he do it?

Does your 8th grader understand early Algebra?

Does your 8th grader read at least 3 books a month?

Does your 8th grader know the parts of speech and can s/he edit his/her own work?


Call The Study Hall today and make a “check up” appointment if you would like to know more about how your middle school student is doing getting prepared for the future.

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