Stockton Springs accident kills 2 June 7, 2014

By Debora Riley | Jun 08, 2014

I'm so frustrated....looked here to find out the latest on this story and found NOTHING! COME ON!!! Week old news isn't cutting it anymore.

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Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jun 10, 2014 20:40

Should have been a story on the school budget that was voted on tonight. The ballots just said yes or no. No dollar amounts... Comprehensive Plan to end all out for public hearing and residents are clueless. I caught a piece of it and jumped on it. Trying to rezone Seaview Terrace residential into Healthcare and housing- which means a parking lot. They destroyed it on purpose- hoping the big one would take us out and they can take it for nothing. Belfast Planning Board, Wayne Corey said in a January 2014 workshop for this plan that it resembles (my word) the "Soviet Union" his word. More on  And City Hall is still holding the plan back...Here is Maine State Law on Comprehensive Plans- City Hall is NOT following the law. Better educate yourselves quick, demand for hearings to be delayed for 2 months so public can digest and decide...

Maine Law Comprehensive Plan Contract Zoning: A Flexible Technique for Protecting Maine Municipalities

Pg 263- “It should be understood at the outset that the phrase “contract zoning” is simply a convenient term of art. It has no legal significance in and of itself but merely refers to a reclassification of a land use in which the LANDOWNER AGREES PRIOR TO A ZONING AMENDMENT, TO PERFORM CONDITIONS NOT IMPOSED ON OTHERS IN THE SAME ZONING CLASSIFICATION.”

Pg 265- “A comprehensive plan should encourage as well as REGULATE future development. If the CLASSIFICATION is not restrictive enough, an UNDESIRABLE proposal may be presented which cannot be denied by the municipality.”

Pg 266-67 “An obvious solution to the inflexibility of traditional zoning would be to consistently update the comprehensive plan of each municipality. Indeed, the desirability of such a continuous updating of comprehensive plans was impliedly recognized by the Maine legislature when it characterized the comprehensive plan as a “process” rather than as a static concept of municipality's future. To do so requires a professional staff of land planners and attorneys, who are continuously proposing modifications...”

“However, even if a municipality is WILLING AND ABLE TO FINANCE SUCH A PROFESSIONAL STAFF, the desired flexibility is still not assured. A PLANNING BOARD, WHICH IN MAINE IS GENERALLY COMPRISED OF LAYMAN, MUST UNDERSTAND, BE PERSUADED AND APPROVE ANY PROPOSED CHANGES IN THE PLAN. The procedure is further complicated and delayed by the statutory requirement that “that the public shall be given and ADEQUATE opportunity to be heard.”

Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jun 09, 2014 12:49

Or a day. There is a story up now that tells about all there is to say. In their defense, they do put out a weekly paper. There are not really geared for up to minute coverage.

Of course, I could be bias. I write a column for them. We in the Fifth Estate stand in solidarity with our brother and sisters of the Fourth Estate. Y'all know how it is.

Posted by: George W. Smith | Jun 09, 2014 08:35

Thanks Debbie for rattleing there cage, will it do any good ? Time will tell, probadly in a month or so !!!

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