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By Carolyn Zachary | Oct 13, 2017

By Ellen Holland


Town Office

Saturday, October 21st is our annual Metal and White Goods Pickup. Make sure you have everything curbside by 7:00 a.m. Items for pickup include but are not limited to: stoves, refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, washers, dryers, metal gutters, metal bed springs, etc. Items must be no longer than five feet, under 100 pounds, and free of liquids.

Parking lot

You may have noticed a lot of gravel next door to the Town Office. It was donated by Lane Construction and will be used next summer by the Army Corp of Engineers to build us a public parking lot (for free!) intended to ease lack of parking in the downtown area. The parking lot will be considered an extension of our current lot and the area toward Main Street will be a small grassy park.

The State has begun its work on the Cape Jellison Bridge. They expect to finish the bridge by November 15, although this is subject to change.

Dog licenses for 2018 are available beginning October 16, 2017. Also, real estate taxes are due on October 24th.

Stockton Springs Community Church

Lorna and Carlton Russell of Stockton Springs and St. John's Organ Society will give a demonstration of the historic E. and G. G. Hook organ in the Stockton Springs Community Church Wednesday, October 25th, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. This is part of the Maine Historic Organ Institute, sponsored by the St. John's Organ Society, Bangor. Everyone is welcome to attend. Admission is free, but freewill donations will benefit the church.

Stockton Springs Community Library

On October 25th, Wednesday, 7:00 pm. Chaz Hare, EMS for the town of Stockton Springs, will speak about preparing for winter safety. On October 28th, Saturday, there will be a Halloween Party at the library from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon. Everyone is invited to share in the fun at our annual Halloween Party. Games, Treats. Costumes are optional.

The Children's Story Time program will start on November 4th, which is the 1st Saturday in November and will continue on the first Saturday of each month through the winter.

Autumn is really upon us now with a 38 degree reading outside this morning. The leaves changed almost overnight with the rain we had recently. The burning bushes in my neighborhood are a spectacular red color. My garden has all been put away and I still have tomatoes to eat or freeze. My most successful crop this year was lettuce in the spring.

Many boats have left the harbor and a sailboat still in front of my place went out yesterday evening for perhaps a final sail. The town docks will soon be coming out of the water, but usually one is left for the lobstermen who continue to go out as there are still plenty of tourists here in Maine.

A flock of turkeys has been spotted in the yards along Cape Jellison Road. Everyone on the Cape has to go the long way around while the bridge is out and this route seems to get longer and longer with each trip. It looks like there is an archeological dig in front of someone's home on the other side of the Cape. If anyone has any information on this, please let me know and I will add it to next week's column.

Old friends continue to visit and I am meeting friends I have not seen in 40 years tomorrow. The last time I saw them they were living on a dairy farm in upstate New York and my daughter Jennifer was about four years old. I recently reconnected with them on Facebook. He is now a minister in a church in Pennsylvania.

As my former husband is going through cancer, this old friend has reached out to me and to him. He was with my husband the night I met him and grew up in the same town I did in New Jersey. So there are many memories of when we were young to reminisce about.

Every once in a while, the old photo albums come out and it is such fun to go through them and enjoy all the old photos. It is said that you should keep your photos in a closet by an exit to your home in case of a fire. What will people do in the future?

Thought for the week: Make new friends, keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold. A circle is round, it has no end. That is how long I will be your friend. — Girl Scouts


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