Stockton Springs News

By Carolyn Zachary | Jan 05, 2018
Photo by: Ellen Holland A lobster boat leaves Stockton Harbor engulfed in sea smoke.

Stockton Springs News

By Ellen Holland


Stockton Springs Community Library

Stockton Springs Community Library is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from the Maine Charity Foundation Fund of the Maine Community Foundation. The 2018 grant will be overseen by the "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" volunteer group at the library to support the 2018 Speakers' Series and January-June weekly Tai Chi classes. The Speakers’ series is beginning its third year and has monthly talks on topics to inform and educate seniors of their health and legal choices. There will be a variety of new speakers and topics in 2018! Please visit the Stockton Springs Community Library's website or call the library at 567-4147 for more details.

Town Office

Recycling dates are January 11th and January 25th. Members of the Fire Department have approached the Select Board about fundraising for a new fire house. If anyone is interested in helping out, contact Courtney O'Donnell at 567-3404 or Corey Fields at 505-0205. All donations will be handled by the town.

Stockton Harbor Yacht Club

The yacht club has a special winter "Try me out" membership. Winter memberships are only $25. The Full Sail Pub is open on Saturday nights and there are many other activities for members to take part in. There will be a Crazy Socks Blizzard brunch on January 14th from 10:30 - 12:30 for members.

Lots of sea smoke on the harbor this past week and the sole remaining lobster boat left in a fog of sea smoke with only its white cabin visible. The forecast was for high winds and blizzard conditions, which came to pass yesterday. Everyone was very concerned about losing power again after the fall wind storm, but I am grateful not to have lost my power. I was prepared with flashlights and candles and a thermos of coffee just in case. Earlier in the week the super moon or wolf moon was spectacular, and coming home from a party in Belfast, it was such a contrast between the cold dark night and the moon shining over Belfast harbor. Yesterday's storm also caused some flooding in low lying areas along the coast. Lincolnville along Route 1 was flooded during the high tide. Even during the height of the storm the sea gulls and crows were out flying around. There was a female downy woodpecker on my suet feeder along with the chickadees. The ice from the mill pond area floated along the shoreline during the storm bringing memories of an old time movie with the damsel in distress on the ice flow needing rescue. It is hard to say how much snow there was in Stockton because of the winds and the drifting. The entire country is in a deep freeze and friends in Disney World reported cold and rain so even in Florida the weather is not great. There are Bufflehead ducks down by the new bridge floating in the water but duck season may be over as there are no more camouflage boats out in the harbor.

On New Year's Eve, Susan and Mel Suarez came up from Massachusetts to cook a Cuban meal for us. Black beans, rice, corn and a shredded beef dish were excellent along with a German chocolate cake made by Joyce O'Rourke, which was scrumptious.

Mel escaped from Cuba at the age of 8 to America with his parents and dozen or so siblings. His father owned a sugar plantation so Castro's Cuba was not possible for them. They go back now with suitcases full of things citizens cannot get in Cuba but will not stay in hotels because the money from them goes to the government and not to the people. It is fascinating to listen to his stories of his childhood and how he ended up in Massachusetts and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles is what I am reading now. It's about coming to terms with your situation and making the best of it. It's a perfect time of year to snuggle up by the fire with a good book, a cup of tea or glass of wine and escape to a different world via books. At this time of year, there are so many good movies out before the award season and my list is long of ones to see. Regardless of the weather, Mainers keep on going and going out so enjoy a trip to the movies or a restaurant you have always wanted to try.

Thought for the Week: Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. — Anthony J. DeAngelo


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