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By Jeff Davis | Jan 03, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis Cape Jellison in Stockton Springs

Municipal News

Keeping in mind that our recent weather has delayed, altered or canceled our best laid plans, the Harbor Committee is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9 at the town hall.

The Library Committee holds their monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan 14 at the SSCL.

The Selectboard convenes at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16 at the town hall.

Town Manager Rich Couch recently asked residents, via the town email, to report any home or property damage. If your vehicle was damaged, if you lost wages, had business or farm damage, vehicle damage, animal injury or loss, were unable to operate your business or had to lay off workers due to damage or outage, then your loss needs to be recorded. “Waldo County was one of the hardest hit areas in Maine from this recent ice storm. We may qualify for federal aid. For our county to apply for aid, we need to hear your story. What was damaged? What was the impact on you and your family? What was the value of the damages? How much work was lost?” Please report your losses to the Stockton Springs Emergency Management Director, Chas Hare, at 567-4322 or email Call Waldo County Emergency Management at 338-3870. Or dial 211 for the State’s emergency assistance operation.

Thanks go out to the town office. During the recent closing of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Couch, again by use of his town email, kept residents abreast of his conversations with MDOT regarding their need to close the bridge and the progress they were making on re-opening it. Citizen safety was the number one concern and we are pleased to report that no injuries resulted in the first winter incident with our new bridge. Let's hope winter will be kinder in the future, as the bridge is not able to adapt to its environment and MDOT has not mentioned a correction for the seasonal problem.

Volunteer News

The library is presenting the first presentation of our Arm Chair Adventure Series. “Four Women, Two Tents, and a Week of Rain: Hiking the Long Traverse, Newfoundland” will begin at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12. Beth Smith, adventure traveler and self-sufficient back country backpacker, will present a slide show and talk at the Stockton Springs Community Library. If you attended the library's event “Andrea in Africa – From Cape to Cape, then you will want to mark your calendar for this presentation. Beth is another of our Stockton Springs adventurers with tales to tell and pictures to show. You don't want to miss it.

From the Columnist

Winter is on us and life has slowed. The summer people have returned from whence they came. The Sandy Point Community Club, founded as a means for summer people and local residents to get together, has no events planned and will be conducting their business meetings in the Sunday School room of the the Sandy Point Congregational Church. And we thank them for providing their neighbors a warm place to meet. Such is the spirit of Maine.

The snowbirds are laughing at us on the social networks and my old high school friends are expressing amazement of the beauty of a Maine winter in pictures that I post and puzzlement as to how we survive. Allow me to provide an example. On New Year's Day, I took a ride around the cape. The ice in the trees have caused them to lean in towards the road, narrowing the passage, but increasing its beauty. The tide was low and the ice on the shores of the Mill Pond gave me cause to stop and get out of the jeep and take it all in. It took me about five minutes to take it in and I immediately got back in and cranked up the heat. It was some kind of cold. As I rounded the back side of the cape road, I spied five SUVs, blocking the road. Approaching slowly, I saw where one of them had been off the road. People were getting back into their vehicles and unceremoniously pulling away. As I drove through, I spotted the smiling Sarah Faragher, local artist, dusting off her mittens and wearing a smile of the satisfaction of a job well done. Husband Ryan King was walking off with a bucket of sand in one hand and a coal shovel in another. I later learned that a neighbor, recently arriving from Iowa, failed to negotiate the slippery road. What I was driving through was the aftermath of five different families of Stockton Springs neighbors, coming to the aid of one of someone in need. That's how we survive the winter in the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jan 04, 2014 14:29

Thank you, Edward. Please note that Beth Smith's presentation at the library is to be held on Jan. 12, not Feb. 12 as posted.

Posted by: Edward Gworek | Jan 03, 2014 12:45

Bravo Jeff .... you sure DID hit the nail on the head with the last paragraph!

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