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By Jeff Davis | Jan 10, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis The frozen log on the shore where Lowder Brook meets the Penobscot Bay.

Municipal News

The Select Board convenes at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16 at the town hall.

The new calender fooled me and I didn't set our recycle out. I didn't check the calender, but couldn't believe that it was already the second Thursday of the month. The next recycle pick up is Thursday, Jan. 23. Mark and check your calendars.

The community lunches have started back up for the year. Being offered twice a month at noon on scheduled days, the cost of the lunch is $5. This is a great way to get out and visit with friends and neighbors and have a lunch from the Good Kettle (especially while they are closed for January and February). Lunch dates for 2014 are as follows: Jan. 6 and 21, Feb. 4 and 18, Mar. 4 and 18, April 1 and 15. Make sure to mark your calendar for these days. Our winter weather caused a little on confusion on the Jan. 6 lunch. But we are off and running for the winter and hope to see you there.

On Jan. 10, an informational meeting was held in the lower room of the town hall. According to the email sent out by Town Manager Rich Couch, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss “a current school issue that will have great impact on every property owner.” The problems surrounded the education of our town's children have been on the minds of our town's officials for some time. At the time of this writing, that meeting has not yet taken place. Having been personally involved in the matter since last March, I realize that no answer will come easy and we have a hard road ahead of us. I will try to keep you informed as the winter progresses.

Resident News

We in Stockton Springs are grieving the loss of Carol Hersom from neighboring Searsport. After a long battle with cancer, she laid down her sword and made peace with the disease. Laverne and I offer our condolences to Myron and Mrs. Hersom's loving family.

I imagine that all the town columnist receive a certain amount of criticism over their columns. I get my share. This week I was told that last week's column was too short. I'm sorry. It is winter and we're not doing much in town. We are all hunkered down and busy at home, trying to keep our pipes from freezing.

However, I do have a minimum word requirement. So, this week I am going to use the space to brag up one of our own. William Nichols is a local boy from Sandy Point. Now last week, I did say that Joseph Plumb Martin was a Sandy Point Selectman. That was wrong. He was a Prospect Selectman in the area that is now Stockton Springs. I got my lines crossed. But I know that William is from Sandy Point, because I know his folks. His mama plays the organ at the Sandy Point Congregational Church and we are in the Sandy Point Community Club together. His dad has Wooden Nichols, the Sandy Point Carpentry business. I am sure you have seen his van in town. Home-schooled William is a volunteer at Waldo County Search and Rescue and at Shoals Marine Laboratory as an AIM Banding Assistant. A commercial fisherman, William lobsters the upper Penobscot Bay.

We first met when he called me to correct me on a mistake I made about fishing in the bay. Since that time, we have become friends and I have followed his exploits on Facebook. He was the first local boy to post a deer he tagged this year. It was first one and he tagged out on opening day. William loves Maine and the area where he grew up. I have seen pictures of him on the shore, at sea, in the mountains and by the streams of this great state many times in the year that I have known him. And his dedication to wildlife causes and volunteerism must make his folks proud. It does me and I barely know the boy. I share this information with you because he is a young man that makes me proud to be from the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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