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By Jeff Davis | Feb 28, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis Fort Point Cove

Municipal News

The Select Board meets at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, Mar. 6 in the town hall.


On Feb. 26, a group of citizens met in the lower level meeting room of the Stockton Springs Town Hall to hear a presentation on Project-Based education by SES principal, Linda Bowes and SDMHS principal Brian Campbell. The meeting was one of three citizen-initiated meetings regarding the four options the town will have, if the Mar 25 withdrawal vote passes. Kris Bragga presented the first meeting on Charter, or AOS, schools. She is encouraging residents to consider having a K-12 community school in town. She presented a plan that would work towards that end.

Mr. Campbell pointed out that he did not come to speak on withdrawal, but to advice what was currently happening at SDMS in regards to their Marine Project-based education program. He was assisted by Stockton Springs home girl, Dawn Staples-Knox and others, who spoke about the school's successful Advisory Program. Ms Bowes wisely had her students do the talking for her. Second grade students spoke about reducing, recycling and reusing trash. They demonstrated the techniques they used to reduce the school's daily collection of three bags of trash a week to a single partial bag.

Performance-based, Standard-based or Proficiency-based education is the current standard of all Maine schools. Ms Bowes and Mr. Campbell's presentation was aimed at showing residents that SES and SDMHS were already there. Approximately 80 residents attended.

At 6:30 p.m. Tuesday Mar. 4, Bucksport School System Superintendent will present the third presentation at the town hall. He will discuss the town coming to Bucksport of our educational needs. All residents are encouraged to attend this final meeting. The fourth option is to stay with RSU 20. A public forum is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, Mar. 12 at the town hall. The vote to proceed with the investigation to withdraw will be on Mar. 25. If successful, a committee will be formed, a plan with be devised and put before the residents for a final vote.


Town Manager Rich Couch advised, via the town email, of the DMR fishing restriction in Fort Point Cove in Stockton Springs. The ban covers the area of the cove northeast of an imaginary line from Fort Point Light across the water to Wilson Point in Castine.

Mercury in lobsters tested there are said to contain the amount found in a can of tuna fish and is coming from the defunct HoltraChem factory.

News report state that Stockton Springs Lobsterman Darren Shute is the only commercial lobster fisherman in town. Perhaps the reason that felt it necessary to point that out is that the other lobstermen have another source of income. But, its still going to hurt them, so keep them and Darren in your thoughts and prayers. Darren stated in the local that he supports the protection of lobsters and that he hopes they had good data. I hope they made the right decision.


Residents are invited to join Rich Couch and Gay Dion for our Mar. 4 and Mar. 18 Community Lunch. For $5.00, it remains “a great way to get out and visit with friends and neighbors and have a lunch from the Good Kettle.”


Resident News

The entire town is grieving the loss of our former Ambulance Director Phyllis Hall who succumbed to the cancer that she so bravely battled. I reported last week that she fell and went into the hospital. It was too much for her and we lost her there. Ralph and Gloria Hall have expressed their thanks to the medical staff and friends who eased her passage. God bless you Phyllis. You will be deeply missed in the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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