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By Jeff Davis | Mar 14, 2014
Courtesy of: Nancy Rimm Staples He looks familiar.

Municipal News

The Select Board will convene at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Mar. 20 in the town hall.

At 7:00 p.m., Mar. 12, 27 residents gathered in the Community Room in the lower level of Town Hall to talk about the school withdrawal issue. Town manager Rich Couch reports that “there were great questions, answers, and a healthy discussion. The Public Hearing ended at 7:40 p.m.” One resident questioned the ability of the town to meet the much-discussed fifty percent requirement. That requirement does not affect the upcoming election. It is true that we will need fifty percent of the last gubernatorial election to make the final withdrawal vote matter. That vote will come down the road, somewhere around step 17 of the 22 step process. The next step is the Special Election on Mar. 25 from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. in Town Hall. Absentee ballots are available. Please contact the Town Clerk at 567-3404 to request an absentee ballot if you need one. Originally, the town had planned a non legally binding "straw poll" to see what option folks wanted. Couch advises, “Legally, we can't do that. The Special Election will be a legally binding, secret ballot, focusing on whether or not to move forward with the withdrawal effort. The cost we have assigned to this issue is $20,000. If there is need for a Withdrawal Committee, the committee will be the appropriate group to work on a straw poll. Stay tuned. Please plan to vote on Mar. 25.” During the public hearing, one resident noted the good work the town has done on the process and was pleased with the transparency of Stockton Springs government. Resident Bill Cosmano stated that people should contact the town to be added to the email list. Resident Bruce Suppes added that people should also keep abreast by visiting the town website at So, I am not the only one in town harping on how easy it is to be an informed voter in Stockton Springs.

Volunteer News

Lee Snyder of the Jerry Dobbins Post 157 of the American Legion offers the following update of town residents and legion brothers. “ Frank Costigan is in room 107 at Harbor Hill in Belfast recovering from a broken neck suffered in a fall; Frank’s wife also fell and broke her knee cap. Phil Sandine had both hips replaced and is recovering well. Clarence Littlefield is getting around with a cane. Langdon Chandler sees the doctor soon regarding back pain.” Thank you, Lee for looking after our town's veterans.

The Stockton Springs Community library is looking for volunteers to work Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday morning and Saturday. One day or more a month would be great. The shifts are 2 to 3 hours. If you are looking for a way to shine your point of light, the library is a great place to start.

In last week's column, I noted that Susan Poulin would be visiting and there was no cost for admission. Allow me to point out, that donations can be accepted and are always welcomed. We have an award winning library funded and staffed by volunteers. Any help you can give them is always appreciated.

School News

The Searsport TIE has began a new program, Viking Chiefs. Under the direction of member Mariko Brown, students will be cooking up more than meals. Member Sharon Catus offers the following description. “It's just another fabulous example of the great things going on in our schools and you ought to know about it. There are folks in our community who are by themselves, elderly, or don't want to cook (and would like to support our children's endeavors,) and as long as they are willing to pick the meals up from the school they are welcome to order.”
They are seeking ingredients from the public to keep the program going. March meals will include Mac and Cheese on March 19 and Shepherd's Pie on March 26. For that, we need Sharp Cheddar Cheese, milk, bacon, potatoes, onions, peppers, chicken, hamburger, frozen peas, corn and green beans. We also need canned chicken and beef gravy. A list of all the planned meals and needed ingredients, as well as contact information, is available at the Searsport TIE Facebook page. Or you can contact me at 567-2029. Non-perishables can be dropped off at the town hall. Let us all hope this will be a successful program. Sharon tells me that she overheard a conversation at Tozier's where a participant asked her mom to pick up some broccoli.

Resident News

Residents Dave and Fran Mussey recently took their musical show on the internet super highway by creating a new web page to share their gift with the world. Dave sent out the following email to local friends of music. “Hi friends and family, We have a new website for Dave and Fran Plus, the musical duo that is us! It's You can hear a few songs and read a bit of bio. We'll be adding more photos and a schedule of gigs soon. In the meantime, please check it out and tell your friends. Thanks, Dave and Fran.”

Always thinking globally and acting locally, Dave and Fran has joined forces with members of the Sandy Point Community Club to expand on last year's success on the club's 2013 Open Mic Nights. An ad-hoc committee of the club with be meeting for the second time this season at Dave and Fran's Cape Jellison Road at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, Mar. 30.

If you recall, I previously wrote about this talented duo's the canoe-making course. They live across the road from our local archaeologists Paul Bock and his bride, RSU20 BOD member Sharon Catus. Both reside in old homesteads and when the doors of their individual shops are opened and the gardens are in bloom, you can sit on that road, look around and go back time. I've done it a few times and it is very comforting. I offer this snapshot of New England life as evidence that we have some amazing people here in the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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