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By Jeff Davis | Apr 04, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis The newly repaired concession stand at the Walter F. Trundy Little League Field.

Municipal News

Stockton Springs Town Manager Rich Couch recently sent out the following information to those on the town email list. To get on that list, email your request to “The Select Board has corresponded with the Commissioner of Education and the Secretary of the RSU #20 Board (Superintendent of Schools) as required in the 22 steps. The letter was sent certified last week. Technically, we have to wait for the Commissioner of Education to instruct the Select Board to appoint a Withdrawal Committee. However, given the wishes expressed by the voters last week (246/28), we think that instruction will be forthcoming. As outlines in the 22 Steps the Withdrawal Committee shall consist of: 1 person from the Select Board, 1 person from the RSU #20 School Board who represents Stockton Springs, 1 petitioner and 1 member of the public. In preparation for the creation of the Withdrawal Committee, The Select Board has created an application for residents who are interested to fill out. That application is now available at Town Hall.” The application deadline is at 5:00 p.m. Tuesday Apr. 15. Questions may be directed to the town hall at 567-3404.

The last of the scheduled Community Lunches will be held at noon on Apr. 15 at the lower level meeting room of the town hall. Gay Dion of The Good Kettle provided some nice lunches this winter. The town provided the location and the residents provided the support. It served as a good cabin fever reliever throughout the long winter. Thanks to all who were involved.

I received an email last week stating that my “gaping hole in the roof” of the concession stand at the Walter F. Trundy field was simply shingle damage. I stood my ground insisting that a gaping hole in the shingles was still a gaping hole. And allow me to point out that it was a huge tarp. However, I believe the story here is not the size of the hole, but the speed in which town crew members, Bruce Gray and George Russell, were on the job fixing it. Just as soon as Mother Nature will allow, the parents of the boys and girls of summer will have a place to buy a soda and a hotdog. Good job, guys.

Stockton Springs Public Works has been seen removing the snow from the entrance of the Sandy Point Beach. The park is not yet opened and the road is covered in ice. But if the gate is visible, can summer be that far behind?

Volunteer News

The Stockton Springs American Legion Post 157 is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Saturday, Apr. 19 at Fort Point State Park. The Hunt is for Stockton Springs and Prospect children 8 years old and under accompanied by an adult. Prizes will be awarded.

The SDMHS PIE is seeking for volunteers for the dance, which will be held from 7:00-10:00 p.m. Friday, Apr. 11. They also need people to set up and clean up, and to provide baked goods for the event.

The Stockton Springs Community Library is seeking donations. This valuable asset to the community is run by volunteers and operated on donated funds. They are also seeking Lego Sets designed for children aged 2 and up.

From the Columnist

I don't know who reads our column. I love to write and don't feel that the size of the audience matters. Whether a band plays in a small bar or in a crowded amphitheater, the size of the stage is the same. I think about different people when I write the column. I think of the ladies who have sent me cards and letters, telling me how they have long since moved away and get the paper in the mail. They speak to their love of hearing the names and places of their childhood. I think of the town manager's mom in New York, who views the column online so she can keep an eye on Rich. He is doing fine, Mrs. Couch. He and the new dog are getting to know each other. Duncan is already quite protective of his new roommate.

As you can see, this gig has turned into more to me than writing a weekly list of activities and meeting dates. I believe that I mentioned before an incident that occurred when the Historical Society was offering a viewing and discussion of the donations made by beloved resident Charles Libby. I was there because of my love for history and a Historical Society member, and honey's cousin, Marsha Shute told me that they had a file marked Jeff Davis. I thought she meant the Confederate president and noted that I didn't know he had local ties. She was referring to me and advised me that she saves all the town columns as she considers them part of the town's history.

I bring this up because last week, I didn't have a thing to say and told a joke. As I wrote earlier, but I don't know who reads our column, but I do. I take the paper and have been reading the town columns for a couple of decades. I begin by reading Barb Tilley's column. She's my favorite. Then, I read Dick's, because Searsport is my neighbor. Then, I go to the start of the town columns and read the rest of them. As I wrote mine a week ago and as I, at times, have “some-timers,” it can be like reading it the first time. I read it yesterday when the mail came. I don't know about the rest of you, but I didn't care for the joke. It was a good joke. It was just out of place. No one called to complain, mine you. I am just trying to fine tune the column. So, from now on, no jokes and no editorials. Summer is on the rise and I should start to have plenty to write about the people and places in the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Apr 06, 2014 07:36

Thank you, Ms Timberlake. That is wicked nice to hear.

Posted by: Carol M Timberlake | Apr 06, 2014 07:11

Hi Jeff;  from the foothills of Western Maine I want you to know every column you write is read and enjoyed and feels like a little piece of home from my on-line subscription.  Some of the names have changed but many are the same since I left for college in 1970 and I truly appreciate knowing what is happening there.  More than the events, you reflect the 'flavor' of the town I call my ' home town'. Please continue to is so very much appreciated. 

Posted by: Jeff Davis | Apr 05, 2014 08:01

Thanks Ed. And thank you Mr. Trundy. I fixed it. I'm blaming my wife. She knew the man. I didn't move here until he passed. She remembers going to his house with her mom to register the car. Thanks for setting me straight.

Posted by: Earl Trundy | Apr 05, 2014 00:23

I believe that the Photo Caption should read :

Walter F Trundy




























































Posted by: Edward Gworek | Apr 04, 2014 14:35

Jeff, I read and look forward to your report every Friday. I'm happy to see that you were only joking about not telling jokes. ..." As I wrote mine a week ago and as I, at times, have "some-timers", it can be like reading it for the first time". I think that is pretty funny. Perhaps due to the fact that I can relate to the "some-timers" condition. At any rate keep up with the great job your doing with the reports.

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