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By Jeff Davis | Apr 18, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis Ken and Pat Flannery of Cape Jellison will miss the Weeping Willow they planted years ago.

Municipal News

The Select Board meets at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, Apr. 24 at the town hall. Next month, they will resume their normal schedule of meeting on the first and third Thursday of the month. During their morning meeting of Apr. 24, they will appoint the Withdrawal Committee and will announce their decision during the evening meeting, when they meet with the public.

The first Withdrawal Committee meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, Apr. 24. As one of the petitioners, I would like to thank the Select Board for moving swiftly, and with diligence, after receiving the petition. They heard the voice of the people and acted on it. No one could ask for more.

Town Manager Rich Couch recently sent out this email regarding the Community Lunch. “We had 37 people today for lunch. In honor of Tax Day, some kind soul sponsored the lunch, but the organizers asked people to donate to the Searsport Food Pantry if they wished to do so. We collected $197 for the food cupboard and everyone seemed to enjoy the last lunch of the season. Thanks to Joyce O'Rourke for helping out today and Lesley Cosmano who has made the community lunches the success that they are. A huge thank you to Gay Dion and the folks at the Good Kettle for making the great lunches that we all enjoyed so much. If there is interest, I think we will have a third season in 2015, but lets have some spring, summer and autumn first!”

The Town would also like to remind readers that our town offered a split real estate payment this year. The first payment was due 10/31/13, the second payment is due 4/30/14. He further reminds that “School payments are nearly $200,000 monthly!”

This month's E-Waste drop off is open from 9:00 a.m. - noon on Saturday, Apr. 26 at the Public Works Facility on Cape Jellison.

Sullivan's Debris Day is scheduled for May 3. Hopefully, you cut out the list of items they will and will not take from last week's paper.

Volunteer News

If you missed the first Scrabble Group offered by the Stockton Springs Library on Apr. 22, mark your calender for May 27, as this event will be offered on the last Tuesday of the month, from 1:30 a.m. – 3:30 a.m.

Resident News

Pat Flannery called Laverne and asked her to send me up with my camera. The two have been lifelong friends and Pat thought honey might want a picture of her Weeping Willow before they cut it down. Ken and Pat planted those trees years ago and they have, for years, framed the lovely home that Ken built. Many a time, I have given instructions to our house by telling people to watch for the Weeping Willows on the left. The past winter's frost were too much for one of them and it had to come down. While I was there, one of the arborists pointed out the bright side of the sad day. Under the sound of her partner's trim saw, she pointed to the small magnolia that survived, but never thrived, beneath the shade of the giant willows. “Maybe now this magnolia will have a chance.” There's your silver-lining.

I talked to Mary Ann Whaley on the telephone last week. She told me that her daughter has moved to the area. Rachel Valaitis, from Amesbury, MA, moved to the farmhouse on the Muskrat Farm road. She works at Broadreach and shares her home with Eric Dupray, a clerk at the Home Depot. Mary Ann tells me that they moved here to be closer to her as she battles cancer. She also told me how old Rachel is, but I won't share that. Welcome, Rachel and Eric.

I received a call correcting my stated assumption that our boys at the town garage shingled the roof of the concession stand. This work was performed by Howard Wells and James Morton. The caller, Mrs. Wells, advised me that, although the boys do fine work and serve the town well, it was her fellow that shingled that roof. Howard has been in business in Stockton Springs for 14 years. If you need some work done, you can call him at 323-5063. I have a son in the business as well. But when you slap a guy by giving someone else credit for his job, you should at least give him a shout out. So, that's Howard Wells Construction, 323-5063.

I was at the high school library last Wednesday when they held their Senior Transition Day. Librarian Brian Richards and I were helping Carol Fuller set up chairs for a presentation from the Coast Guard. FSC Keith Brown, Recruiter in Charge from the Recruiting office in Richmond, Virginia was there to speak on the risks and rewards of military service. I say risk and rewards as I overheard him tell someone that he didn't paint a rosy picture to encourage enlistment. He stated that he offered as honest a picture that he could. I found that refreshing. I still remember the disappointment of learning that women did not necessarily love a man in uniform. After speaking to him, I learned that he is a local boy and 1990 graduate of Searsport. He misses his friends and family in Sandy Point, but loves his career in the Coast Guard. I asked the TIE Chairperson, Andrea Cross, snap a picture of him on her cellphone and email it to me. It turned out good. He cuts a strapping figure in that blue uniform covered in ribbons. Unfortunately, I can only use one picture and we went with the Weeping Willow. I did post the picture in Facebook's Friends of Sandy Point and asked if anyone knew him. Immediately, I was told that it was Hazel's boy. So, they remember him and he told me that he used the social media to keep up with old friends. When I met him, I asked him if he was from Stockton Springs. He said that he wasn't. He was a Sandy Pointer. If you don't know the difference, you're not that familiar with the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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