Stockton Springs Report

By Jeff Davis | Jun 20, 2014

Municipal News

During the 2014 town meeting, the moderator moved smoothly through 41 articles that passed without objection and very little comment. Some residents used the opportunity to pose questions regarding various warrants and the questions were quickly answered by members of the board and town employees. When a question regarding General Assistance came up, the board was quick to point out that our General Assistance fund is a “fall through the cracks fund” administered in confidence by the town manager and approved by warrant each year by the voting public, as we do not wish to see out neighbors go without. Should you find yourself in need, contact the interim town manager.

Voters approved the upcoming whole town evaluation, which we were told would take two years to complete. Voters also approved the town's decision to raise the cost of dump stickers from $1.25 to $1.50. Considering the alternative was to pass the increase to real property taxes, and considering that our single-stream recycling greatly reduced how many stickers I buy, I raise my blue card to approve the increase.

The most moving moment of the day was when it was announced that Gene Ellis had been recognized by the state for his fifty year career as a volunteer firefighter. You do us proud, Mr. Ellis.


Volunteer News

The American Legion will be accepting donations for their annual yard sale throughout the month of July. A Legion member will be on hand at the Jerry Dobbins Post 157 Legion Hall on the Sandy Point Road on Mondays from 9:00 a.m. - noon. The yard sale is scheduled for Aug. 2-3.


I received the following information from town point of light, Beth Smith. “Stockton Springs and Sandy Point citizens are being invited to participate in the Searsport Group of the Window Dressers project. (Window Dressers is) a non-profit organization operating in the mid-coast and dedicated to helping people stay warm and save (has)been realized by people who have used these. For more information contact Beth Smith through the town office. The two local churches in Stockton and Sandy Point also have information regarding this project.”


School News

At the time of this writing, I am impatiently awaiting the end of the school year ceremony to be held at the Searsport Elementary School. They let me volunteer in their library this year and I find the end of the school year to be bittersweet. I have enjoyed it tremendously and Art Linkletter was correct. I have told many stories to my friends, but confidentiality requirements prevent me from saying too much. Let's just say that if your child attends SES and we should run into each other this summer and I start grinning, you'll know that “kids say the darnest things.”


From the Columnist

Its not always sunny in Stockton Springs and from time to time, bad things happen here. Last week, our mailbox, and the mailbox of my father-in-law Jack, were the victims of a hit and run driver. It had happened before. We live on a curve and one year an errant driver failed to negotiate the curve and landed in our hedge. Obviously embarrassed, they fled the scene on foot, leaving in their wake a gaping hole in our hedge, ruts in our yard and two destroyed Rhododendrons. The hedge has since grown back in and one Rhodie has returned to its former glory. However, the one that took brunt of the carnage is just a bare stick coming out of the ground that I mow around. I leave it there as a sign to all passing motorists that speed kills.

The curves in the NASCAR tracks are banked to prevent the driver from flying off at the corner. MDOT does not bank their curves. In fact, the one in front of my house leans in towards my yard to aid in drainage. It is virtually impossible to negotiate that curve with your foot on the gas. Please slow down. We have put the mailboxes back up again. Some have suggested that I add boulders to the site lights I put down by the road. But we don't want to kill anybody. We just want get our mail and have grass in our yard.

I didn't report the incident to the Stockton Springs Police Department. I don't believe they have the equipment to make a cast mold of the tire track and seek out the assailant. They couldn't pin the first on anybody and they left a whole car in our yard. I guess this will have to go down as an unsolved mystery in the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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