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By Jeff Davis | Jul 04, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis Cape Jellison residents enjoy a quite July 4 morning on the shores of Stockton Harbor.

Municipal News

According to the schedule on the town website,, the Harbor Committee will meet 7:00 p.m. Thursday, July 10 at the town hall.

Last week, I reported that our Historical Society would meet on July 6. This is incorrect. I failed to realize that our town's website schedule does not include holiday changes. The meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, July 13 at the Colcord House. This month's program will a “Show and Tell.” Marion Fisher has asked that anyone having something of historical interest they would like to share to “please bring along an artifact, a story or whatever.” Thank you, Marion for that correction and my apologies to the fine folks of the Historical Society who were inconvenienced by my carelessness.

The Public Works Department is in need of used oil, which they burn in their furnace. The conversion to used oil was a savings for the town and the more donated oil they receive, the more savings the town will see. You may leave your used oil at the gate at any time.

I would like to congratulate Jason Burke for being chosen as Stockton Springs' part-time groundskeeper. I believe he told me that he was in his fifth year on the back of our town mowers. I remember a much younger Jason in school and was delighted to learn that he was working locally. Thank you, Jason, for all your hard work.

School News

RSU 20 BOD member from Stockton Springs, Denise Dakin, recently invited all to attend the upcoming Withdrawal meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 23 at Union Hall in neighboring Searsport. This will be a joint meeting of the withdrawal committees of both towns and is open to the public. Thank you, Denise for your efforts to keep us informed on the progress of this important issue.

The RSU 20 Summer Feeding Program for anyone under the age of 18 has began and will continue throughout the month of July. For locations and times, please visit the RSU 20 website at

Volunteer News

Josh Alves, described on his website as a “Children's Illustrator, Ideologist and Encourager of Creativity” will be at the Stockton Springs Community Library at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, July 22. Make sure you mark the calender for a chance to meet this talented author.

The SSCL Summer Reading Program is underway. Contact Debbie at 323-4969 for more information.

On June 29, the American Legion District 11 Waldo County WWII Veterans Recognition Ceremony was held and was a tremendous success. 50 WWII Veterans were recorded as attending with total attendance filling the beautiful atrium at the Belfast Bank of America facility. Jerry Dobbins Post 157 Adjutant Lee Synder wishes to offer a special thanks to Randy Elden for his work to secure the impressive BoA facility for the Ceremony, District Commander Lance Weddell for his “fine job pulling the Ceremony together and providing dignity and sincerity as master of ceremonies”. Finally, he offered thanks to the many Post members who attended and provided refreshments. It was the first such ceremony honoring our WWII veterans. Due to their dwindling numbers, we are advised that it will be the one and only WWII Veterans Recognition Ceremony. We pray they know that our Greatest Generation shall never be a forgotten generation.

I would also like to pass on this recognition offered to me by Adjutant Synder. “I note the one-on-one Republican Journal interview of Gene Ellis -- very nice! Denise Harriman was selected as the Emergency Medical Technician of the Year. Hopefully the Republican Journal will do something similar for Denise. Denise didn't attend the State Convention of The American Legion to receive her award. I have her plaque that needs to be presented at an appropriate occasion. Firefighter of the Year and Emergency Medical Technician of the Year, both from the same beautiful town of Stockton Springs – neat!!” I join in your wishes, Lee. Thank you Gene and Denise for your contributions to our town.

Resident News

Stockton Springs Public Works employee and my friend, George Russell was recently on the road again. However, this time he wasn't plowing. His local physician found it best that George go to Beth Israel and have some medical testing done. We are praying for him and his wife, Rochelle, who had to ride all the way to Beth Israel with George.

When not entertaining audiences with their musical abilities, Cape Jellison residents Dave and Fran are busy in their organic farm, Winterpast Gardens. Offering vegetables, herbs, eggs and flowers, Winterpast Gardens is an excellent way to exercise your desire to buy local. You can reach them at 567-4044.

From the Columnist

I missed the first 2014 lighthouse tours at Fort Point Lighthouse on Cape Jellison in Stockton Springs. Last year, I began to act as a tour guide. Jeri Cole came by to visit Laverne and told me that she and Terry didn't call on me as they knew that Laverne and I had been sick. However, Jeri was right. She usually is. We have had our hands full here in the house of sickness and despair. But we are on the mend and ready for summer. If you have not taken the lighthouse tour, then I highly suggest it. On a clear day, one can see forever atop the ancient structure. Surely, on a clear day one can see forever and a day from atop of the new bridge. However, on a cloudy day, one can climb the spiral stairs of Fort Point Light, climb the short ladder through the scuttle hole and imagine themselves the keeper of the same light. It is a job that few have known and although the manual labor involved has decreased, the awesome responsibility to keep the light burning to guide the way for all the ships at sea has never diminished. Today, the light is automated. Yet, the keeper of the light still bears the responsibility to ensure that never goes out. Further, current lighthouse keeper Terry Cole has taken on another self-imposed responsibility; opening the lighthouse to tours and sharing the glory known only to those few with all who may, in the summer season, venture into the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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