Stockton Springs Report

By Jeff Davis | Aug 22, 2014
Photo by: Jeff Davis Fort Point Cove in Stockton Springs

Municipal News

Two weeks back, I wrote that I was changing the format of the column and not putting in the meetings from the town website. I missed doing it and I'm calling a mulligan. For those who don't enjoy a day on the links, a mulligan is a flip-flop. If it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, then I see nothing wrong with men doing a flip-flop. However, there are no meetings this week.

Recycling pick-up is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 28. Electronic Waste may be dropped off at the town garage from 9:00 a.m. - noon on Saturday, Aug. 30. To the person who dropped their set off at the gate, this will be the proper time to bring your set down.

Winter is coming. So, please remember George, Bruce and the guys at the town garage by donating your used oil for their furnace. Keep in mind that our town police officers have to wash the cruiser in the town garage. Some may say that they hate the police, but I'm sure they don't want to sit in the back of a dirty cruiser. And for the rest of us, our tax dollars paid for that new cruiser and we don't want it to rust our before its time. You may drop off your oil at gate of the town garage at any time.

I heard from our former Town Manager, Rich Couch this week. He reports that his move back to New York went well. I understand he left on Wednesday. Rich will be settling in a suburb just outside the capital city. Rich tells me he will be working as the Visitor Center Manager for a new museum without walls, called Behold! New Lebanon. He invites you to check out their website at Rich assures me that he will working in New Lebanon with thoughts of the beautiful Town of Stockton Springs on his mind. We wish Rich well and please say hey from Jeff to your mama.

Volunteer News

I saw Robert while I was at the Sandy Point Beach. I don't know Robert's last name. We are both members of the Sandy Point Congregational Church and the Sandy Point Community Club. I believe he works at the hospital in their cafeteria. He wanted to remind me to invite all to the SPCC's last Family Game & Cribbage night of the season. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 27, the game night is a great way to spend an evening.

Resident News

I misspelled Bert and Rhonda Maddocks' name last week. I spelled it “Maddox,” like Lester Maddox, former governor of Georgia. They are friends and I normally call them Bert and Rhonda. Mia culpa, Mr. & Mrs. Maddocks.

From the Columnist

I like to think of myself as a poet. I entered a poetry slam in Belfast once. I got slammed in the first round. It pays to know your audience and I was way out of my element. But it was fun. I always have fun. Here's a little fun poem about the place that I like to call home.

Nestling down from Stockton hill, a town is restlessly sleeping,
Seeking funds to foot the bill, her founder's; watching, weeping.
Each town has a history. All towns must begin. We tell of our history,
To avoid the mistakes of other men.
Sold by rods and of questionable deeds, a hunting ground was changed,
To fulfill the dreams and to fill the needs of a nation; rearranged.
There came a time when Stockton's name was perched upon each lip,
Of those who ran the money exchange and every captain of every ship.
But when the sheets of sailing ships were replaced with engines of steam,
The shipbuilders of Stockton saw the end of our maritime dream.
The railroad came, then the interstate put an end to way we ship,
And since that day, Stockton can still shoot, but only from the hip.
Across the waters of Pen Bay lays a mountain called Blue Hill.
It appears to me, a reclined giant ; at rest, but watching still.
He hears our humble people as they consider the upcoming Fall Fling.
"We might have enough to finish our steeple when the summer folk return in the Spring."
One hundred and fifty one children that we must educate,
Pit neighbor against neighbor. Will the answer come too late?
Legislated by citizens, who do their all they can do,
To protect and guide the denizen in a the town who employees so few.
Our salvation comes from knowing that we survived so many hard winters,
And we only need three churches to take care of our sinners.
Therefore we march on day by day, confronting what life brings,
We are here, and here to stay, the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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