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By Jeff Davis | Jun 20, 2012
Courtesy of: Susan Kenney Who owns this Stockton Springs vessel, and what is its claim to fame?



The long-awaited change in the weather has finally arrived in Stockton Springs. And it brings with it a couple of changes for our town. Foremost on my mind is the change of columnists who will bring you the Stockton Springs report. Former columnist Sharon Catus has been elected to the RSU 20 school board, joining Denise Dakin in representing the town of Stockton Springs. Although we shall all miss her energetic reports, we look forward to the good work she will do for our children. Any of you who know this relative newcomer to town will tell you that Sharon is all about the children. They shall be well represented.


The torch to bring your local news has been passed to me, Jeff Davis. For those of you who don't know me, I am from away and have lived in Stockton Springs for 36 years. And, as any who know me will tell you, I love this town. I am filled with pride over the honor of being accepted by the Republican Journal. I shall try to fill the shoes of those who came before me, and live up to the trust they have put in me.


The other change I referred to is the changing of the guard at our Town Office. First Selectwoman Sara Bradford, did not seek re-election. The town voted in Wayne Kraeger to replace her. The Belfast Co-op's website lists Mr. Kraeger as director of its Building & Grounds and Management Oversight committees. He operates an organic farm here in town. We are all anxious to see how his commonsense approach to farming translates to the work of local government. I'm sure he has the support of the entire community. If you happen to run into Mrs. Bradford in Sandy Point, please remember to thank her for her years of service to our town; the town where your neighbors are your friends and community matters.


Speaking of neighbors, I ran into Ernie Kalinisan, who lives with his wife, Sandy, on Denslow Road. Ernie is recovering from a heart attack. He relates it to the loss of blood he suffered from the internal bleeding that occurred because his doctors from the VA had him on conflicting medicines. Thankfully, Dr. Jones discovered the error and corrected it. Ernie was walking when I saw him, in an attempt to gain enough strength to pass a stress test. He can't drive until he does, and he has to have Miriam Perry drive husband Ed over to get Ernie to go to Just Barb's for breakfast on Friday. Ernie promised Ed that if he sold the store, he would take him to a weekly breakfast at Barb's, and he just wants to live up to that bargain. I think he just wants to dump Miriam, so they can get back to telling dirty jokes.


My mother-in-law, Kitty McLaughlin, has been released to the care of home hospice. She is surrounded by loving family and resting comfortably in a hospital bed in the Ocean Drive home she shares with her husband, Jack.


Florence Heath of Stagecoach Road, former tireless volunteer of the Sandy Point Woman's Auxiliary, the Sandy Point Community Club and the Sandy Point Congregational Church, is suffering some medical issues. Her son, Ricky, has been taking her back and forth to appointments in Bangor. Personally, I believe the woman is simply worn out.


Richard Robbins, father of Cherie Mercer, had another stent put in at Eastern Maine Medical Center. He recently recovered from one procedure, and friends reported seeing him out mowing his lawn the day before his second; truly a Mainer.


It saddens me to report that Anna Drelich was found dead in her Old County Road home. She was the only child of Austrian immigrants who came here after World War II. She leaves behind no relatives.


The healing power of a kind word and a warm thought is well known. As we go about our day, please keep these neighbors in your thoughts and prayers.


And let's all keep an eye out for the town's children as well. School is out and Little League and Farm Team are winding down. The little ones will be out looking for fun. Watch out for them.


Middle and high school students can “Own the Night” every Thursday night, 6:45 to 8, through a program offered at Stockton Springs Community Library. The library also offers an ongoing literacy program, Read with Me, to adult residents of Stockton Springs and Prospect. If you know someone who could benefit from the free program, contact Jeff Davis at 567-2029.


Please remember the Sandy Point Community Club's annual meeting and potluck supper on June 27. And remember to mark your calender for their family game night July 15 and famous ice cream social and sing-along/karaoke July 25.


In town news, the board of selectmen meets June 28, 9 a.m. to noon, for a workshop and warrant signing. The shellfish committee meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Universal waste collections take place on the last Saturday of the month. For the month of June, this will be the 30th. Stockton Springs and Prospect residents may bring their universal waste to the public works facility, formerly known as the town garage, located at 194 Cape Jellison Rd.


Please keep in mind that, although now legal, fireworks are still dangerous. However, Stockton residents have always loved a good illegal fireworks show, and I can't recall a fireworks incident in town. With the fourth of July rolling around, let's all do our best to keep it that way.


As though anyone in our peaceful coastal community could possibly have a complaint, there is a new online complaint form available at the town website, You can fill it out online, print it, save it and take it to the Town Office, or email it. Don't let them hear through the grapevine how you feel. Tell them yourself.


That is all the news I have to share this week. But what town report would be complete without my relaying something the little bird told me? I can't number the times I've heard a local woman pose the question, “Where are all the good men?” I always found this puzzling, as Stockton Springs is loaded with eligible bachelors. For years, I have pointed out that Ricky Heath was one such bachelor. Respected and successful businessman, charitable-giver, good neighbor and wonderful father, Ricky Heath would be a fine catch.


I say “would be,” because some wise young lady has reeled him in. The nuptials will be in September. Ricky tells me that he hasn't sent out the invitations yet. But I imagine the list has been made out. If you don't think your name is on the list, you might want to get up to Red's Automotive and grease some palms. A little bird tells me this is going to be the social event of the season. Be there or be square.

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jun 26, 2012 15:56

Thank you, Ms Staples. I did not know her, and learned of her death through a friend. He did recently stop in on her, and she told him she was okay. Knowing when to check in on our elderly neighbors and knowing when to allow them their independence is an arduous task. The fact that you pondered the choice speaks well of you. We are fortunate to live in a community where we all still feel that responsiblity.

Posted by: Nancy Rimm Staples | Jun 25, 2012 11:27

Welcome to Member Stories, Jeff from another Community Correspondent.  Nice job on your writing.  The death of Anna saddens me as well.  She was my neighbor and I saw her at her mailbox just recenty and waved to her.  She looked very frail and I regret not stopping to offer any help she may have needed.  She was a very private and independent woman, and thoughts that she wouldn't accept any help kept my foot from pressing the breaks.  I was always amazed at how self-sufficient she seemed to be, even driving her very old truck right up until the end of her life.  I did not know much about her family history and would love to have had conversations with her, having family members who served in WWII and a holocaust survivor.  As much as I wanted to know more about her, I always respected her privacy.  It won't be the same around here without Anna.

Posted by: Jeff Davis | Jun 22, 2012 12:37

Thank you, Mrs. Tilley. I can't tell you the times I've read your column and told my wife, "You know, if I wrote a column, I would try to write it like Barb Tilley." So, if you want to call me a copy cat, I'll understand.

Posted by: Barbara A. Tilley | Jun 22, 2012 08:34

Enjoyed reading this column. I think Stockton Springs will get ther publicity and news that they have wanted for so long. Congratulations from a fellow Corresppondent.

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