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By Jeff Davis | Dec 07, 2012
Source: Bing Images Asha Fenn of Asha Fenn's Pottery, Art and Writing Studio turns clay into classic collections of art.


Town news

I have been looking forward to announcing the following event since I read about it online at I am sure that most of you already know about it. However, former Stockton Springs town columnist Dawn Furbush reminded me for the second time that some do not engage in Internet communications. I still don't understand. But, Dawn, your point has been made, and you and I shall keep them informed through the oldest weekly newspaper in Maine.

The town is proud to announce the introduction of the Stockton Springs Senior Luncheon. The first will be held Jan. 9 at 11 a.m. in the Community Room of the Town Hall. Gay Dion of the Good Kettle will begin serving hot lunches at noon.

On the website, it is suggested that diners “bring a deck of cards, a board game, your knitting or craft project, or a good story to share with friends.” RSVP to 567-3404, so that enough food will be prepared. Suggested donation is $7. Future luncheons are planned for Jan. 23, Feb. 13 & 27, March 13 & 27, and April 10.

I do not know who is responsible for this event. But when I find out, I plan on shaking their hand and slipping a meal donation into it. I suggest we all do the same.

The Town Hall Christmas tree is beautiful. Smile when you drive through town at night.

I hate to talk business after such a festive report. But the town is looking for a harbormaster. For information and the job description, contact Town Manager Rich Couch at I guess if you don't do the Internet, you could call me or Dawn and we'll type one up for you and send it. Application review begins Dec. 10. Should you be nautical and seeking your point of light, here is your opportunity. Good luck to the applicants.

Christmas tree lighting at French's Point

We did not get to attend the Stockton Springs Historical Society's luncheon at the Colcord House on Dec. 2, as I was invited to get rid of a few novels at the craft fair during the tree-lighting. I did not earn a dime, but it was not the fault of French's Point, nor owner Bob Brooks and his delightful family. I am just a lousy salesman and spent my time talking to my friends and making a couple more. I was at the Good Kettle (because I shop local), and a friend of owner Gay invited me to share a booth with her daughter, Rose Upton, who was going to be selling the Christmas CD she made with a Grammy-winning musician.

Well, when I got there and saw the beautiful setup she had made, with her poinsettia and lovely mother, Boo, and when I saw all the other talented craftsmen that I was to sit amongst, then I knew that I wasn't about to sell a book. So, I didn't try. I bought a CD and roamed around.

Basil Staples was offering hay rides for the children. I missed out on it trying to set up. By the time I got outside, the wagon had broken. That is just my luck. I sat in a chair between my beautiful wife and Chelsea of the Highland Organic farm, a Stockton-owned and -operated MOFGA farm on Old County Road. You can visit them on the web at or Or you could just go there. Call Theresa or Tom at 567-3763 and arrange for them to be available. I certainly plan on it. I didn't get to try that blueberry bark. I thought it was for the visitors and I was supposed to be working. Heading to Bangor, turn left on Old County Road. The farm is four tenths of a mile on the left.

I also visited with my daughter's friend Asha Fenn of Asha Fenn Pottery, Art, and Writing Studio on Route 1, one mile south of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. She had a whole store set up in the corner, with beautifully made and displayed pieces on a tiered one-piece shelving unit. Soothing music played, as an iPad slideshow scrolled through pictures of the exquisite pieces she could not bring. It took her hours to set it up. I walked in moments before it started carrying a cardboard box of books and a backpack. I wonder how she made out. I'll have to call her at 567-3928 and see. Or maybe I'll try to catch her on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from the hours of 1 to 5 p.m. or by appointment on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

I guess the bottom line is that a good time was had by all. Laughter filled the building. Children made wreaths and Christmas cookies, made s'mores and had a chance to talk with Santa Claus. I avoided the jolly old elf, for obvious reasons. The adults had refreshments served by Gay of the Good Kettle. I did that one last week. Check your paper. Rose Upton's music filled the air, when the Belfast Bay Fiddlers were not charming the crowded dance floor. I guess Stockton doesn’t have any fiddlers. Some things you just have to go out of town to get.

The best part of the evening was that Mr. Brooks never brought up that embarrassing little candy bar incident. Sir, you are a gentleman and welcomed addition to the shoreline family of Fort Point Cove.

Town citizens

It grieves me deeply to advise all that former Stockton Springs Ambulance Director Phyllis Hall has fallen and broken her hip. She is recuperating at Harbor Hill. I would post the room number, but I do not feel it is my place to do so. Mrs. Hall's daughter-in-law, Gloria Hall, called Laverne and informed her last week. If you see Ralph or Gloria Hall, offer your condolences and assistance in anything they need done. If you have not dealt with the injury of an elder loved one, someday you will. We do not have extensive government-sponsored programs here, as some states have. We rely on one another, just as the first settlers did in 1759.

Gloria told Laverne that Phyllis has never broken a bone, although she has set many. I imagine that it may have been quite a thrill for her to finally get to ride in the back of the ambulance instead of driving it.

I visited with Ken and Pat Flannery last week and was delighted not to see Pat's walker. The last time I visited, she could barely get the door open, trying to maneuver the thing around their little dog. I believe the dog likes me. He just wonders why I'm there and why I did not bring a biscuit.

I drove by yesterday and saw many cars in the yard. Ken and Pat have a nice family network at their house. We do not need to worry about them. Not everyone in town does, so remember our little talk about the programs and drop in on those who don't have someone, as the winter approaches. I do not wish to harp. But it is cold out there and we would like to emerge in the spring with all the old people we started with in the winter. With that said, I shall say no more, except to remind you that I really love the beautiful town of Stockton Springs.

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Posted by: Jeff Davis | Dec 10, 2012 11:03

When asked to write our column, I was not given a policy manual. I was told to advise Stockton residents what was happening in town and what time to show up for meetings. Later, I was asked to stop writing short stories and put bold-faced titles above my topics. The town's history and reports on our honored citizens was my idea.

This week I received an email about a item under the bold-faced title “Town News.” It was polite email questioning the paper's policies and procedures and I was clueless. In emails back and forth, the resident decided to abandon his decision to respond and is seeking a different route to make his feelings known. That was his decision, but I would be perfectly willing for him to seek his audience here. I told him that. And further, I told him that should he have something to say to the town in the future, then I would more than willing to be his outlet. I advised him that if it was mean and nasty, then I would quote him so the angry mob arrives at his house and not our little hamlet on the cape. Honey deplores an torch-carrying mob.

You will not hear me speak negatively about Stockton. That is not my job. Well, this is not a job. I did not have to fill out an I-9 when I started. And as town troubadour, I have to surrender my right to publicly air my grievances. Again, this is Jeff policy; not Journal policy. I have no idea what Journal policy is and if I don't know it, I can't violate it. You see where I am going with this one. Now anyone can write a letter to the editor. But if it is about Stockton Springs, let's put it in the Stockton Springs Report. Comment here if you are a member. If not, call me at 567-2029 or email me at or come by the house or stop me in the road. You are probably a lot smarter than me anyway. And I imagine that before long, people will get sick of hearing from me. So, keep those cards and letters coming. And if you are not really, really anger, try to end your complaints with “beautiful town of Stockton Springs” if you can. That is “my thing.”

Posted by: ed Gworek | Dec 08, 2012 12:10




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