Stranded tractor-trailer creates travel woes on busy Route 1

By Ben Holbrook | Aug 03, 2017
Source: Department of Public Safety This tractor-trailer truck bottomed out attempting to exit Trundy Road onto Route 1 Aug. 2. The truck was heading toward Augusta with a windmill component.

Searsport — Traveling along Route 1 in Searsport for much of the day Aug. 2 was very difficult after a tractor-trailer truck got stuck in the middle of the busy thoroughfare.

Shortly after 10 a.m., Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland notified media outlets that a tractor-trailer truck hauling a windmill component bottomed out as it was exiting Trundy Road onto Route 1.

The truck was trying to make a left turn onto Route 1 to head toward Belfast on its way to Augusta. From there, the windmill component most likely was headed toward the Jay area, Searsport Fire Chief Andy Webster said.

Unfortunately, as the truck attempted to exit Trundy Road, the low-slung trailer caught on the pavement, leaving the truck stuck in the middle of Route 1. The road was closed for a few hours as crews worked to free the stranded vehicle.

The driver of the truck, once it was moved, again attempted to turn onto Route 1 only to bottom-out a second time, Webster said. Crews spent several more hours working to move the vehicle. All in all, Webster estimated it took about five or six hours to move the truck and trailer.

While attempting to move the tractor-trailer the second time, Webster said a wrecker was called to the scene and a large amount of dish soap was used to lubricate the trailer’s tires, allowing the wrecker to pull it sideways out of the road.

Traffic was backed up for miles but firefighters were able to direct some traffic along Mt. Ephraim and North Searsport roads. Firefighters from Stockton Springs and Prospect assisted with traffic control efforts.

“I’ve never seen so much traffic,” Webster said. “They were also doing some paving on Mt. Ephraim Road and that created a bit of a cluster.”

The tractor-trailer returned to Mack Point. Webster noted that only minor damage was done to the road where the trailer bottomed out.



(Source: Department of Public Safety)
(Source: Department of Public Safety)
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Posted by: Kenneth W Hall | Aug 03, 2017 10:47

Ben, can you research how many similar accidents have occurred at this same intersection.  Seeing this effects the entire mid-coast area that goes far beyond just health and safety issues it also effect businesses along the entire corridor.  Accidents are one thing but the "bottoming out" of cargo is an issues that has happened more then a couple of times at this intersection.  Does the State Police require a minimum ground clearance of commercial vehicles when loaded?  Does the new Rt 1 construction include the approach from Trundy Rd?

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