Contact: Fletcher Smith
436 Main St
Rockland, ME 04841
Phone: 207-596-6095

With over 13 years of experience in the real estate and vacation rental industry at her fingertips, Fletcher is uniquely positioned to help both buyers and sellers navigate the ebbs and flows of any type of real estate transaction.  She had the privilege of growing up in Tenants Harbor, Maine – a small, peninsula fishing village bustling with lobster boats and cruising yachts owned by locals and people ‘from away.' Fletcher spent her summers baiting bags for local lobstermen, running take-out in an outboard from the Cod End to visiting boats moored in the harbor, and mowing lawns of magnificent summer houses – imagining what they looked like inside and what is felt like to live there. This curiosity blossomed into a passion for all things related to homes and real estate.

In the end, it took Fletcher leaving Maine to attend high school and college to realize just how lucky she was...and what she had left behind. After many years of living away, she finally listened to the voice inside calling her back to Maine for good. For more than a decade now, she has been actively buying, selling and renting real estate throughout the Midcoast area.

Her experience growing up in Maine provided her with a unique vantage: she knows why people want to live here, vacation here and want to be part of this unparalleled way of life. As a young, professional Broker, Fletcher has her finger on the pulse of both short-term and long-term markets. As owner of SummerMaine Classic Vacation Rentals, she has direct contact, on a daily basis, with people looking to buy here in the Midcoast.

Whether you want help buying or selling, vacationing or finding your very own piece of Midcoast Maine, Fletcher will help you along the way with real, local real estate knowledge and experience.