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By Patricia Keyes | Feb 22, 2014
Photo by: Patty Keyes Free to a good home:  Chinadoll, purebred Maine Coon born July 13, 2013.  She had a class 1 heart murmur at 4-mo-old, nearly negligible, that she may have outgrown by now.  She does not need medication.  Contact me at keez@pobox.com

School Withdrawl/New Organization Meeting

The whole town, selectmen and all, are invited to attend a presentation of the Searsport School system's ideas for a new organization to include Swanville, Searsport, and Stockton Springs.  Many local businesses and colleges are offering their facilities and college credits to local students in a collaborative effort to train kids in the workplace rather than about the workplace.  Along with the usual classes, not only will this teach problem solving in the real world, but it will allow businesses to hire locally because they will have a pool that they have encouraged and guided into real career paths.  While I cringe at the "standards based education" lingo that raises the spectre of Common Core, it seems that this is, at this time, secondary to the excitement it is generating, not only in students and teachers, but in parents and the community.

This meeting is 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 26, 2014, at the Stockton Springs Town Hall in the back of the building.

Annual Election of Town Officers

Vote 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday, March 7th, for town officers.  The next day the winners are sworn in and begin their terms at the:

Annual Town Meeting

10 a.m., Saturday, March 8th, 2014, at the Nickerson School Gymnasium (snow date:  March 15).

Cemetery Committee Forming

Jeanna Bonin is chairperson of a new committee that the town must form to manage the town cemeteries and address needs for more space.  Currently, there are no plots available in Swanville.  Seven volunteers will serve on the committee.  If you are interested, please call Jeanna for more information, 322-6250.

New Town Republican Officers

The Swanville Republican Committee met Saturday, February 22, to caucus.  Peter Petersen was elected Chairman of the town party, Vice Chair Patty Keyes, and Secretary JoAn Petersen.  Delegates to the state convention will be these committee members, Peter and Lisa Caron.  We still have room for 2 more delegates, and 7 alternates.  Guests can also attend though not as voting representatives to the state level.  Anyone who is a registered Republican here in town can contact Peter Petersen, 338-2705, and ask to join our delegation.

None of us in this group, and indeed the county, are interested in politics as usual.  We are liberty-minded people who want to see local people organize enough to elect our own trustworthy neighbors, rather than handpicked shills for the wealthy elite in the RNC.  If you care about your country, and are worried about the "fundamental" changes that are destroying our country economically, and kindly stealing our liberties, then do not fear to get involved.

A little Bible lesson as pertains to local politics

Sarah Palin was recently mocked for saying that the national debt was slavery.  The liberal elite got themselves all up in a tizzy because she couldn't possibly equate borrowing money with the horrors of early American racism.  Any tiny consideration of what Sarah was saying would yield an entirely different viewpoint.  The Bible says, "You are a slave to whom you owe."  She was quoting scripture.  It has nothing to do with color, and everything to do with common sense, and financial responsibility.  The Bible doesn't endorse slavery.  It records factual history.  Biblical economics says that you should work and save for what you want, delay gratification, and use your money wisely.  We should not borrow at cost, or lend to family for interest.  We should not subject our countrymen, our extended family, to usury.  We are to do everything in our power to encourage and support their success.

As I explained to my own children on many occasions, I did not go out and buy video game equipment or the suchlike on credit, because a $1200 sofa represented 100 hours of time, more than two work weeks, that they would not spend playing with their father, because he would be working off the cost.  Add the interest payments and you are in a losing battle.  This is why we did not eat a lot of steak and bought used furniture at yard sales.  God wants happy families, free of stress, who enjoy being together, regardless of the quality of the carpet.  There is no such thing as "quality time," only 'quantity' time.  Ask anyone on their deathbed if they regret not putting in an extra week at the office.  It is always their spouse and children they mourn neglecting.  It is brutally unfair of parents to expect that their children should save their heartbreaks, fears, and emotional upsets for some faraway appointment on a weekend, if remembered at all.  Kids are only home a short time.  Before you know it, they are all off to work and college.  If we borrow money, we go to work to pay someone else and not ourselves.   We deprive ourselves of time for the most important and meaningful relationships in our lives.  And worse, when we borrow more than we can repay on a single job, and are forced to work to enrich someone else, that is slavery.  When we CHOOSE to make ourselves slaves willingly, that is sheer stupidity.

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