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By Patricia Keyes | Aug 23, 2014
Photo by: Katie Curtis Some great photos of a very fun event!

This summer has been very pleasant if you didn't have to work hard outside.  It never got so horribly hot as to be unendurable.  I've had summer days in the past where I thought my innards were turning to jelly, but this summer has been fine, if a little rainy.


Swan Lake Association's

Home & Garden Tours by Boat


On Saturday, August 2, Swan Lake was filled with many guests travelling on pontoon boats to 5 different sites around the lake.  Camp & home owners opened their lovely homes and gardens for touring.  This event is held every two years to raise money for the Certified Boat Inspection Project which helps keep invasive aquatic plants out of the lake.  It's a very fun time for a worthy cause.


Deli Upgrade

Swan Lake Grocery is always changing and improving, and the new deli cases are efficient, not just on energy, but in shortening up the wait for the variety of foods available there.  Looks great, Rob!


Much Belated Thank You

To whomever kindly, and on their own dime, removed a very large fallen tree branch from the road across the street from town hall, and even took the time to chain saw it away from the tree, I thank you, most profusely.  I hope you were the one that eventually got the wood.  We were busy elsewhere that day, and didn't even see it down in the dark when we got home.  To you, to anyone, the tree needs to come down, preferably not on our house, and if someone has the skill and time, we'd like to talk terms, phone number/email above.


Little Birdies

Loons, all night cooing and calling.  Bald Eagles.  Red-tailed Hawks, Turkey Buzzards, Great Blue Herons everywhere.  Cardinals, nuthatches, gold finches, purple finches, chipping sparrows, and all the others.  And, oh, the ruby-throated hummingbirds!





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