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By Patricia Keyes | Oct 06, 2016
Photo by: Patty Keyes & Mystery Photographer Great day on the lake and on the land!Thank you to all the volunteers and all the gardeners who worked so hard to show such outstanding plantings!

Better late than never, I hope!

     The Swan Lake Association's Garden Boat Tour July 30th was well attended and a completely pleasant experience. The event was a fundraiser supporting boat inspections to prohibit invasive plant species from being introduced to our, as yet, undisturbed lake. Hats off to the large crew who put on the event! Several pontoon boat crews on this perfectly sunny day shuttled attendees around the lake, and the gardens were just wonderful to see! Whether front yard vegetable gardens, shade gardens with local plants and many varieties of hostas, or bounteous Asian lily collections, each was unique and showed off the talents and love of their creators.  The Mailloux's garden had the added benefit of being created to hold the shoreland from erosion, encourage attractive local plants, including high bush blueberries, and by avoiding a large lawn, also protecting the lake from the chemicals used to improve the appearance of short grass.
     The final garden had the added benefit of a plethora of high tea dainties! English tea was enthusiastically served by the organizers, fine tea cups, cloth napkins and all, and after several hours in the sun and wind on the lake, it was perfectly satisfying. Thank you from all of us attendees to the ladies (and men?) who put such thought and care into each cookie, muffin, brownie, tart, cake and blini (YES, Mini Pancakes with lemon curd or raspberry compote and whipped cream dolloped on top!). Did I mention the fruit such as watermelon sticks, and the homemade lemonade?
     Really darlings, next time they do this Boat Tour, DON'T miss it!

Lunch Ladies Asking for Help

    The Nickerson School is suffering a significant loss of stainless steel teaspoons. It seems that either the lunch trays are naughty, or the trash cans themselves have been swiping the precious tools of good manners and making a right good meal of them. If you have spares, please stop in at the front office and make your donations, which will be greatly appreciated.

Waldo County Republican Headquarters is open

     Should you have the desire, you can stop in to 132 Church Street, Belfast, directly across the street from the rear entrance of City Hall. Visit to converse, attend meetings, pick up stickers, lawn signs, printed materials from each candidate, explanations of the pitfalls of all the referendum questions that have been initiated and funded by liberal groups from out-of-state, with the exception of Question 1 regarding legalizing marijuana, and the latest dish on local activities. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available as well. Since folks are generally busy keeping a roof over their heads, election years are an especially good time to drop in on county meetings (open to all) and meet your fellow countyfolk. Many towns have very small inactive committees, and the county committee is happy to have townsmen avoid duplication of time and efforts to meet by encouraging all Waldo County Republicans to attend the countywide meetings, 6:30 PM, each second Thursday of the month at Troy Howard Middle School. There is an evening countywide meeting scheduled this month for 6:30 PM, Thursday, October 13, at our headquarters while we have the location, and any candidates attending will speak and be available afterwards to talk with. The WCR's hope to see you there!
     See Facebook and lookup Waldo County Republicans for the latest updates.

(Next week:  There's a new guy in town!)


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