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By Patricia Keyes | Jan 06, 2018
Photo by: Cheryl Leeman Church Christmas Party 2017 (Thanks to Cheryl for creating a photo that doesn't use a fisheye lense to add another 80 lbs to my body!) My, my, my, this church is full of great cooks! We have a potluck lunch after Sunday worship each second Sunday monthly, so you don't have to miss out!
Exile Lake Report

For those of us, for whatever reason, forced unreasonably to live outside of Maine, here is your weather report from Swanville. Only the shallow end of the lake, as far north as Tim Whitcomb's camp, was covered in ice by Saturday, December 16th, when was delivered a box of cookies from the church ladies group to Sylvia Walker, who stays home mostly, now that the ground is slippery. The ice looked like pale gray alligator skin, with darker fault lines around the 'hydroplates' of ice, polygons from 3' to 12' in span, being pushed imperceptively by the wind. In a short week the entire lake was frozen over with a few dog tracks out onto the surface. Now, ice fishing shanties are being towed through town to their, hopefully, lucky fishing holes, and people are beginning to enjoy the perks of cold weather. One can successfully sled from the parsonage to the church entry now if one is light enough, due to several storms laying down a minimum each of 6" of snow. Temps have been below zero for a few days before Christmas, and now an entire week, but the effect is to feel that we are already in late February. Weather reports predict four days at the end of next week in the 30's and 40's, which will be received gratefully. If we must suffer more snow, we will have some room to push it out of the way. Who wouldn't like a taste of spring early?

Church Schedule

With the arrival of Pastor James Knox and his jolly family, the church services are beginning to expand again. There will now be Sunday evening services, 6 PM, weekly in addition to the regular Sunday morning Bible study at 9 AM, and worship service at 10:15 AM. All are welcome, and nursery is available for 3 yrs to K.  There will be an installation service to officially acknowledge Pastor Knox, 7 PM, Saturday, February 3rd. Feel free to come and meet him and the family and celebrate his willingness to work in our community.

Makeshift Coffee House Event

Makeshift Coffee House(.com) is an organization that supplies structure and a moderator who is skilled in facilitating open non-confrontational conversation. The goal of these meetings is to help people with different political and social perspectives to understand each other, rather than talk past each other. I have to say, and you know how opinionated I am, that this is the single most surprising and heart-warmingly wonderful thing I've seen in my lifetime. I really believe that this kind of interaction could bring back the real American Spirit of trust, good will, and honesty our nation was founded on.

The next Belfast event is 6-8:30 PM, Tuesday, January 16th, at Troy Howard Middle School cafeteria. There's another on the evening of Feb 8th at the Freedom Grange. The evening is free as are hearty handshakes, if you desire. Live music and finger foods will accompany the coffee.  I'm going to try hard not to burn the brownies!

Statistics & Swan Lake Dam Statistics

There exists a website with statistics on our town, amongst many others, that may be worthwhile or a bit skewed to Maine statewide totals. Many of the categories haven't been updated in years, but it's interesting for what it's worth. Enjoy! http://www.city-data.com/city/Swanville-Maine.html




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