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By Patricia Keyes | Jun 23, 2012
Photo by: Patty Keyes and Alexandria Loudin Swanville Town Hall has a new roof, under threat of rain.  Fortunately, all went well, and the roof looks great!

The summer is upon us. The first firecrackers have been heard at the lake. The 4th approaches. We have had very nice weather. Even with the dam open, the lake level is up where we like it. The flowers everywhere in everyone's gardens are lush and colorful.

There has not been one stitch of news come my way on local happenings. Well, there is going to be Vacation Bible School at the church, 6 p.m., Aug. 13-17, and parents are invited to hang out and enjoy the fun, hoping that evenings will be cooler. Otherwise, we are a sleepy little town. Or more likely, I am out of the loop these days.

I end up occasionally wandering in the car. Hannaford's was nearby and something for dinner was in order, so I pulled in and parked. The radio had some interesting news, so I sat, unhurried, and listened. Dinner wasn't soon, but there was no point in coming back to Belfast later, what with the cost of gas and all. As the radio continued to play, Carol Weston, our past state senator, walked by on her way in to shop like any other person. Always a smile, always sweet-tempered, every time I see her. She came out a few minutes later and again, I was impressed with how normal she was, plain, clean clothing not much more expensive than mine. Plain, serviceable car, and not a new model, either. As the car passed by, clean and well-kept, I noticed a small spot of rust on the back door, down by the rocker panels. It made me love her more. I am so thankful that for a time here in our part of Waldo County, we had Carol, a genuinely normal, good and decent woman, representing us in Augusta.

I'm not comparing here, just paying homage. I think we must also have the best district full of neighbors in Maine, because our fellow neighbors can tell a rat from a human being as long as the election is local. I know a federal congressman with a head so big you could see it on satellite photos, and he likes to grant local favors, which could be a factor, but I digress. Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. We have always had real homey, normal people representing us, state-level anyway, since I've lived here. Thanks, Carol. You're not forgotten.

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