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By Patricia Keyes | Oct 15, 2012

It's been a busy autumn so far.  The swamp maples along the Goose River turned red the third week of August, and it seems like only yesterday.  As I drive in and out of Swanville, I'm mildly shocked to see trees already completely denuded by the winds.  I haven't put the summer t-shirts away in storage yet, but the warm zip-up polar fleece jackets are already making their way back into my wardrobe, alongside the turtlenecks.

I would love to hear if anyone has seen any particularly interesting bird sightings.  Is it me or are there just not that many birds around this year?  Except for the crows and the turkey vultures, I am hard put to see any at all.  The loons hooted a couple of times, but I'm not close enough to the lake to see them.  I haven't seen any of the nice colored warblers and finches that are usually in my yard.  I had a giggle the other day though.  A visitor finally jogged my memory about a loud screeching call coming from somewhere near my massive brush pile.  Guineas!  Someone's guinea hen has been coming down and foraging in the late morning/early afternoon.  Of course, I don't get to see it, only suffer hearing it, but it makes me think back to all the fun I had being the "chicken lady" of Swanville for a few years.

Let me know if you have anything you want mentioned here.  Get your news in a week early by contacting me before Friday at noon.  Happy Halloween is in order.  Enjoy the fast approaching holiday!

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