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By Patricia Keyes | Jan 09, 2013
Courtesy of: Patty Keyes This is me and Valerie Mank turning our backs on Olympia Snow during her speech at the Maine Republican Convention back in the spring of 2012. Childish, I suppose, but we are sick of "business as usual" and compromise. We don't want compromise between two idiotic "sides," we want real solutions to obvious problems. She's one of my straight-talkin' Republican buds, and we proudly voted for Ron Paul delegates to go to the Republican National Convention. I believe you can imagine how we reacted to the national party's treatment of our duly elected delegates from Maine this past September! And again, thank you, Governor LePage, for refusing to attend that national convention because of how we were treated.

Many people in town know that I am a Republican party member. Let me tell you why. I am many things, but they go in this order of depth. First-human, second-female, third-believer in Christ. "Republican" is somewhere far lower on the list of priorities than being a wife and mother. I'll tell you one thing that is higher than Republican. It is townswoman of Swanville. Local people will always be far more important to me than folks I can't interact with due to distance.

The Bible tells me that love is the most important thing in the realm of human interaction. The priorities of expressing that love require brain power and common sense. For instance, human laws are not perfect, so if a child is drowning in a fenced area with a "No Trespassing" sign on the gate, I will break that law to serve the higher law of saving human life.

Virtually all human organizations, including churches, have failures and limitations which will require each of us to learn what is most godly, most good and most important, and occasionally break rules, because rules can't always foresee fine details of human life. On the light side, once in a while, it's okay for the kids to stay up past 8 p.m. Sometimes, you have to skip church to work on Sundays, because saving a life is more important in the moment — ask any health care professional. With caution you should break the speed limit to get a heart attack victim to the hospital.

The desire to do good things for my community comes from a partnership between me and God that started when I was 5 years old. I have had doubts since then, and had my struggles, which were, largely, consequences of my poor choices. I'm no different than anyone else. The world can really stink. But when I have no energy and no more desire to help a neighbor, God does give me renewed strength. It's a miracle. It isn't something you can measure with a stick. It isn't visible. But I'm still here, and though I get tired, I'm not giving up.

So just as I get tired, fail to hold up all of my commitments, I recognize that any human organization, like churches, businesses and government, is made up of humans. They will fail from time to time. Some organizations will eventually attract a tight group of bad people, fail us very badly, and be rightly demolished. Some should be reformed. Some have value that should not be neglected. So, while the Republican organization has failed me this past year, miserably, I still support it. I have entertained serious thoughts of trying to start a third party because of the way the national conference treated legally elected delegates this last fall. But the folks here in Waldo County who are trying to preserve the American way of life are really good people. They are my neighbors, and I will work to support their efforts to keep us all free.

Forced by the lawless power grab of the state and national Republican committees to re-evaluate my affiliation, I had to do some soul-searching and investigation. The Democrats do not stand for solid values. They believe everything changes. Well, if one day I own my home, and the next day, the Democrats in power decide the government owns it, then none of us have a future to plan for!  People need roots and a place to lay their heads. The Dems refuse to allow it. The leadership is corrupt and childish.

My experience with the rank-and-file is that they are sensitive but hurting people who cannot see beyond their own pain in many instances, and put their trust in wolves wearing fleece. I recognize I am generalizing. They are people who may truly be legitimate victims of crime, and are in a state of trauma that clouds their thought processes. But the general attitude of the party is envy, ingratitude, laziness, distrust and greed, in one form or another, top to bottom. And they think endless new laws will stop them from being hurt. Apparently they didn't have a dad to pick them up off the ground, brush off their skinned knees, and tell them they're okay, and "go have fun."

Why haven't I officially become a Libertarian? Well, that's a good question. Probably because there's not enough organization! They're kinda hard to find. The Republicans, by their name, admit that some amount of organization is necessary to maintain public order. Some things have to be permanent in order for us to have any common ground. Throughout our nation's history, it is the Republicans that have stood against slavery, over-taxation, and inappropriate governmental authority, and for freedom and equality as described in the Constitution.

I hope that eventually, as the new medium of the Internet makes conversations more accessible, that issues will once again claim the center of attention, rather than any stupid feud of reds vs. blues. We need to be coming up with solutions to problems, not cliques. We all need to be watchful and expressing our views to each other. I love to hear people's stories. I would rather learn from the experiences of my friends and neighbors than have to make redundant mistakes!

Everyone wants the same things. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, it doesn't matter which party you belong to, we all want to "get along." We all want to live in peace. We all want everyone to be rich, or at least cozy and comfortable. So if you will understand me from this perspective, I am going to share local Republican news once in a while. If someone wants to email me with news from other parties, please do so. I am already spread too thin to attend those meetings, too. The Republicans aren't the only ones with good ideas.

This week, I attended the Waldo County Republican Party meeting at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast. I am the chairman of the Swanville Republican Party, so I get to vote when there needs to be one. And I have several tidbits that we Swanvillians should know about.

The first speaker, Jethro Pease, has sponsored only two bills for this year's legislative session. A very prominent Swanville family will be very pleased to hear that one of those bills is to limit methadone treatments paid for with our tax dollars to 24 months. No more lifetime state-funded drug addiction. The other bill is to reduce our state House of Representatives from 151 members to 127, and reduce the state Senate from 35 members to 31. The original districts were drawn to enable a man on horseback to reach any location in his district in one day's ride. We have phones and computers now. The districts can be much larger and achieve much better communication in these modern times. This will not only cut hundreds of thousands in office costs and labor costs and shorten the time needed in legislative sessions, but will also cut costly support staff that do expensive and unnecessarily redundant paperwork. Call Sen. Mike Thibodeau, 223-5177, and Rep. Joe Brooks, 223-5041, to let them know what you think of these bills.

Swanville resident Andrew Cardinale received high praise from our Waldo County Commissioner (Dist. 3), Amy Fowler, the other speaker at the meeting, for his dedication and expertise as an E-911 dispatcher at our new public safety building. Amy is also pleased to share that the building was built without debt to the county, and that Waldo County is the only county in Maine that is entirely without debt. That makes me quite proud. It also makes me feel better about having to fund them at our town meeting in a couple of months. Thank you also to David Parkman, county treasurer, for his exemplary service in making this possible.

I am not the only mother in town who has been writing angry letters to the principal of THMS complaining about the Communist social studies teachers there over the years. It is an insult to us who pay their salaries to have our kids come home with story after story of teachers denigrating the greatest nation on earth and portraying mass murderers in Russia, China and Central/South America as heroes to our defenseless children. Those of us who care will be pleased to hear that beloved Gov. Paul LePage has mandated that all high school students must once again pass a civics class on government in order to graduate.

It may come too late to reverse the middle school brainwashing, but it is a giant step in the right direction. His push to free schoolchildren from a narrow academic focus and widen their ability to receive education in the "real world" at vocational schools has gotten us the first charter school in Maine, and he continues to work to eliminate the Legislature's state limit of only 10 of these schools. Also of interest, you can see LePage's latest video on his tax reduction efforts at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-O-AWv-AMY.

An even more important video explains the damage the federal government is doing to our Maine state welfare services: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpvV3JSLTKw.

I hope our whole town can pull together to find solutions to our problems. Several of us in town have talked about how to create a bartering/time-share system for our town so that lack of cash money can no longer create hopeless poverty among us. I would like to see your ideas printed here. I will share some experiences I have had as well in future. Write you again, in a couple of weeks!

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