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By Patricia Keyes | Feb 16, 2013
Photo by: Patricia Keyes I thought this otherwise unimaginative photo was a symbol of hope to all us couch potatoes, net surfers, and facebook trollers.  Here is the view from my second floor window, while nearly 18" of snow fell, the window nearly completely covered in blinding wind-driven snow, but my internet dish is still working!  —Feb 9, 2013



The snow has seen fit to fall on weekends this month. This was the second weekend in a row that we could all put on fuzzy slippers for Saturday and Sunday, cuddle up on the couch with the family and watch a movie, or take a luxurious nap at 1 p.m. and suffer no consequences. Blue jays are in my yard daily, loudly. A pair of cardinals tagged along on Friday last week.

Annual elections and annual town meeting coming soon

Election of town officers will be in about two and half weeks, I believe on the second Monday of March, and the next day will be the annual town meeting. I apologize for the vagueness. Working nights not only fries my ability to think and write, but isolates me from talking to folks during normal working hours. I hope to have definite dates for the next column. I would expect another tense meeting this year, as none of us has any extra money for higher property taxes. The federal government, under many presidential mandates and the "affordable" health care act, is sending less and less money to our state to help with the important things, like hospitals and schools.

As I try hard to think positively about the impact the federal government is having on our state budget, there is one thing to be happy about. For many years, state government has been growing and generating jobs that exist purely to keep a record of each of us and our comings and goings. There's no profit in that, no benefit at all, just more buildings full of file cabinets we have to pay to heat. By forcing towns to have to pick up more of the cost of daily governance with the reduction of state revenue-sharing, Gov. LePage has done us the favor of not only refusing to expend funds at the state level that he deems wasteful, but has put more of the power back in our hands at the local level. The decisions about our world are slowly working their way back into our hands, however imperceptibly at first. Please come out and be a part of your town's decision-making process. At the very least, you'll feel better knowing that you had a hand in the final result when your tax bill comes in August! Candidates, please feel free to email me if you would like to have your views presented in this column.

Interfaith Fuel Fund variety show postponed

The snow has twice now prevented the Interfaith Fuel Fund from presenting its fundraiser variety show. It was scheduled for 2 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 17, on its second try, but snow again postponed it. At the practice last Saturday, it was a treat to sit and listen while I waited my turn to sing. I look forward to seeing the show later this spring.

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Posted by: Mary Y. Lockhart | Feb 18, 2013 06:34

The Annual Town Meeting will be on Saturday, March 9 and the elections will be held the day before

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