Swanville parent's and taxpayers

By Steven Hutchings | Sep 29, 2012

Please take a few minutes Tuesday, Oct. 2 to come out to the town office and vote yes on the Withdrawal Petition. This is a re-vote and needed because of a wording technicality. A yes vote allows Swanville to form a committee and hopefully join the other towns of former SAD 34 in developing a plan to withdraw from RSU 20 and form a new system resembling SAD 34. Searsmont, Belfast, Morrill, and Northport have joined together, Belmont's committee is just now meeting but we assume will be part of the plan. The plan,once the property is negotiated with the present board, will then go to the Commissioner for review  while it is debated and scrutinized in our communities.

Each participatory community will then vote to adopt the plan five months from now in the spring. A yes vote Tuesday means Swanville will have the opportunity to be part of that process.

It was about this time last year when Denise Dakin (school board member from Stockton) suggested that Nickerson and East Side be closed and their students be transferred permanently to Searsport's half empty schools.  The current board has made it clear that they have no current plans to do that, but with Frankfort possibly going to Hampden/Winterport, those half empty schools will have about 20% fewer students.

A no vote on Tuesday's referendum guarantees that Swanville will remain a part of RSU 20 (Searsport)  and if the other five towns pull out, Swanville's tax money along with their middle and high school students will head to Searsport on a permanent basis.

Vote yes, and allow Swanville to align themselves with other SAD 34 towns. A plan is almost finished and we want Swanville to be part of it.


Steve Hutchings

Vice-Chair, Belfast's Withdrawal Committee


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Posted by: Gene Newton | Oct 03, 2012 14:42

Swanville passed their withdrawal 43-7 I believe.

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