TCC/Mid-Coast Martial Arts is teaching Acceptance in December!

December 2011 is Acceptance Month as part of TCC/Mid-Coast Martial Art's Powerful Words Character Development program! Students will be studying, developing and experiencing powerful life lessons focusing on becoming accepting and open-minded people in a fun and powerful way that benefits everybody in our community. In addition to all of the physical skills that they'll be working on this month, students will be discussing and practicing the following concepts that will help them to appreciate the value and benefit of becoming a person who respects and appreciates the unique characteristics of people and their cultures—including their ideas, beliefs, and ways of life. Students will be focusing on the following topics both in and out of class:

• Acceptance Defined: Accepting ourselves and our differences.

• Accepting others: How are others unique? How can we respect differences?

• Accepting differences in cultures and celebrations: Celebrating holidays.

• A year of character: What are you proud of? What are you grateful for?

“While most young children are not able to grasp the philosophical dimension of acceptance, it is important for these youngsters to learn simple concepts such as “it’s OK to be different.”” says Dr. Robyn Silverman, TCC/Mid-Coast Martial Art's child & adolescent expert, and creator of the Powerful Words Character Development system used at the facility.

Andrew Lesmerises, Chief Instructor of TCC/Mid-Coast Martial Art's says, "As the holiday season approaches, I’m really excited to help our members to focus on acceptance this month. When they become more accepting and open-minded, they’ll really be able to reach their potential and become the leaders we know they can be! Personally, I enjoy seeing our community recognized as a place with Powerful Character, and seeing our students lead the way! As this community’s premier Powerful Personal Development Center, we take this very seriously. We’re thrilled to help our students and our community to thrive and succeed, and Acceptance month is going to help us to do just that.”

TCC/Mid-Coast Martial Art's strong curriculum and the Powerful Words Character Development system provide our students with the opportunities to become UNSTOPPABLE in life. “These lessons will remain with our students for life and we're honored to help them achieve the success that they deserve” says Lesmerises.

Andrew Lesmerises is the Chief Instructor TCC/Mid-Coast Martial Art's and has helped hundreds of kids, teens, and adults to embrace a positive and healthy lifestyle.

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