The Art of the Con, Best Yet!

By patrick quinn | Mar 24, 2018

The Donald is the finest Confidence Man I have ever seen.  He has successfully duped and befuddled the farmers of this country, who voted for him.  The Trump card has been flashed with a proclamation and edict to levy a tariff on goods from China and in return China will tariff or embargo agriculture products from America.  This is a Trade War, an economic war, an escalating war, a win-less war as usual. War is not the answer.

Independent farmers will suffer and go out of business; to be bought up by Monsanto/Bayer Corporation, the agricultural ruling arm of the new world corporate order.

The young intelligent people did not vote for this, they were not duped.  Our only prayer is that the old duffers will abdicate the throne to the young because the old have shown themselves to be incompetent to rule. Give the world to the young people, like our grandchildren; and the old people need to retire and get out of the way because they are dinosaurs in this modern age.  The old people have destroyed the world enough and need to step aside for the good of the world.  Do not remain haughty, contumelious, or self important, please!

What a glorious con job! Best Confidence Man I have ever seen!

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