THE BANGOR DAILY MOOSE!      by Brad of Maine Chimney

By Bradley Williams | Sep 22, 2014

I always thought that that would be a good name for a blog post, and it seems rather appropriate.

In the 25 years of cleaning chimneys and crawling around attics and cellars I've seen some amazing things.

I have a customer that has a Van Gogh painting over his fireplace. You don't hang a $20 million painting over a working fireplace! Every year I set the painting aside, cover it well, and clean their fireplace. One year when my dog was in heat, his dog came in and peed on the Van Gogh just moments after I had covered it with a tarp! The dog's name?      Art.

I had wished my inaugural blog post would begin with a good moose story, but I did see a huge unafraid bobcat yesterday behind the Fraternity Village Store on the Pond Road.

As my very first blog post on Village Soup I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Courier Publications, I acknowledge that we went through a rough stretch as they "changed hands", but I'd like to especially thank Reade Brower and Bryan Gess, and it is my sincerest wish that they consider our advertising and blog posts interesting and an asset to their Village Soup.

My next blog really is a moose story.

Bradley Williams, Maine Chimney 323-7755

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