By Bradley Williams


                                       THE BANGOR DAILY MOOSE!

Several years ago my dad did his obligatory month in Maine. It seems he had promised my Grandfather Mac Vaughan that he would return his daughter to Maine every summer for 3 months, a promise my Dad honored for 65 years.

Every year we would hear my Dad say the same thing... "I sure wish I could see a moose while I'm up here."

All good things come to those who wait. Very early one morning while I was still dreaming of ladies and beer my Dad woke me up very excitedly "There's a moose swimming by the house!"

We lived right on the shore 3 miles from Islesboro and a game warden observed the moose swimming towards Northport from Islesboro. So we made it to the waters edge just in time to see a juvenile bull moose come struggling rubber-legged onto the shore, where it needed protecting from Russell Handlers dogs.

Dad had his camera and very happily took about twenty magnificent close-ups of this moose.

Shortly after, some game wardens approached us and asked if we saw the moose, and we showed them where he went and made sure he was OK.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for. :)

We'd like to thank all of our many loyal customers of Maine Chimney that have stuck with us through our tragedies and tribulations and given us our best year ever. Thank you all so much.

And for any that would like to sign up for chimney work, thanks for calling 323-7755.






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