By Bradley Williams | Sep 24, 2014
We're Handsome AND Handy.

VILLAGE SOUP — For three weeks when Dad was vacationing here in Bayside every day I'd hear him say "I sure wish I could see a moose while I'm up here". That was his fondest wish in Maine, to see a moose.

Finally, the day arrived for dad to go back home without seeing his moose, and that's when it happened!

At 6AM a cry went around the house "There's a moose swimming by the house!"

So we all bundled down to the shore and there, at the end of his 3 mile swim from Islesboro, was a young bull moose, exhausted and rubber legged from the swim.

So dad took out his camera and took a whole roll of film from within 20' of that moose.

Finally, the moose slowly ambled across Shore Road and into the woods.

Just after the moose left a game warden informed us that the moose was tracked swimming from Islesboro.

I lost the moose photos in a fire, but I sure am glad my dad got one of his final wishes in spades.

And NO! It wasn't a chimney fire. :)


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