By Bradley Williams | Sep 27, 2014
Handsome AND Handy. Smart, too! :)

Yesterday my old chimney sweeping truck and I witnessed a hit and run.

At around 11 AM I saw this guy trying to parallel park at 90 Main Street in Belfast and he smashed into the parked car behind him and sped off.

The victim's car was in front of Eat More Cheese.

Well, I chased him and yelled and honked and got him to pull over at Jack's grocery where the cops had a word with him.

Before they arrived he was cussing up a storm and using a lot of "f" words which stopped as soon as the law arrived.

So I went downtown and actually ran into the family who's bumper was damaged and they were at the end of their visit from Israel and declined to press charges so they could return to Israel.

As for the hit and run driver with all the "f" words.... it sucks to be you.

By the way, we've still got chimney openings. Call us at 323-7755


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