By Bradley Williams | Oct 03, 2014


Yesterday in Cushing we were doing a routine level one chimney inspection with a cleaning when I noticed the rusty old furnace pipe laying on the cellar floor.

The furnace was venting directly into the house. She and her family might have well been sleeping in the garage with the car running.

Two weeks later she was to have her furnace serviced but it may have been too late then.

She said the home inspector didn't even notice it, nor had he opened the wood flue to inspect it, as it was glued shut.

She didn't even have CO alarms.

Not one week passes without us finding at least one potentially devastating chimney problem, usually it's something like "clearances to combustibles" where the stovepipe is against the old "pyrolyized" wood and wallpaper, and stovepipes can turn cherry red.

We are fixing one of those today.

This week we removed four squirrels nests, all chimney fires waiting to happen.

So if you have any questions about your chimney, call a newly certified chimney sweep and try out one of these new guys, or call the old guy that's been doing tem since he was 22 at 323-7755.


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