The Country Depot Store sells $100,000 winning scratch ticket

By Ben Holbrook | Jul 04, 2012

Unity — One lucky customer at the Country Depot Store in Unity walked away $100,000 richer after purchasing a winning scratch ticket.

The $5 scratch ticket was sold Thursday, June 28, to a part-time employee of the store and represents the largest scratch ticket jackpot in the store’s history, Manager Valarie Tweedie said. The store has previously sold two winning Megabucks tickets – one in 1996 and one in 2004 or 2005.

Since selling the ticket, Tweedie said, a lot of people have come in hoping to experience similar luck, and the store is more than happy to see sales numbers get a boost as a result.

“We certainly hope things will continue to pick up, so we can continue completing some of our renovations,” Tweedie said. “A lot of people are talking about the scratch ticket.”

As a result of selling a winning ticket, The Country Depot store will get 1 percent, up to a specific amount of the jackpot total, Tweedie said.

“It’s almost like getting struck by lighting, that’s what it feels like to sell a winning ticket,” she said.

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