The Gospel Works on Money


The Gospel Works on Money, Benjamin Crelin

Series: The Gospel Works │Scripture: Luke 12:13-34

Sunday, August 18, 2019

o How would you summarize today’s sermon to someone else?

o How is God speaking to us? How will you respond (Matthew 7:24-27; James 1:22)?

o What do you routinely ask for from God? Is there something(s) in your life you are coveting? (Luke 12:13)

o The rich man in Jesus’ parable lays up treasure for himself but is not rich toward God. What does God call him? Why? (Luke 12:20-21)

o Consider: In the Gospels, Jesus never says his disciples cannot be rich, but we never see well-to-do disciples who are not giving generously (affluent women, Lk. 8:1-3; Zacchaeus, Lk. 19:8; Joseph of Arimathea, Mt. 27:57-60).

o An “idol” is not just a metal statue, but something we look to for “power, approval, comfort, and control” in our lives. Why do you think the Bible calls greed and covetousness a form of idolatry? (Colossians 3:5; Ephesians 5:5)

o Anxiety may be a sign that we are trusting in an idol, not God. Do finances or belongings cause anxiety in your life? (Luke 12:22-23)

o How does what you think about and spend your money on reveal what you truly love? (Luke 12:34)

o The gospel: How has Christ loved you at the cost of his riches so that you might become spiritually rich? (2 Cor. 8:9)

o Repent how you use money as an idol for power, approval, comfort, and control.

o Rejoice in what Christ has done for you! Jesus has taken the debt that we could never pay so that we can enjoy the ultimate treasure, eternity with God! Rejoice!

o Out of gratitude (not compulsion), how might you be generous with what God has given you? What does it look like to use your possessions to “seek His kingdom”? (Luke 12:31)

o What might gospel generosity look like as a church community?

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