The Herd of Bronze Moose!

By Bradley Williams | Sep 29, 2014

We were fortunate enough to see a whole herd of moose the other day in a most unexpected way.

As I pulled the old chimney truck into our clients driveway I saw a giant bronze moose, and then another, and another life size absolutely perfect full size bronze sculptures of not only moose, but lions and tigers and bears.

These are the same statues you see at MBNA, etc.

This world renowned sculptor, whom I'll not name, does limited runs of his statues, say maybe ten, I don't know, but has kept one of every one and they are placed strategically around his very private home.

We haven't told him yet, but his liner is here and we can't wait to look at his Forest of bronzes from his chimney top.

We won't be taking many more lining jobs this year, but would sure appreciate your calls about chimney cleanings.


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