The Life Span of a Wood Stove

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2013 oil price contracts are out.. and up... and Maine wood burners are starting to think about rehabbing their older wood stoves.  Many woodstoves have inner parts that are considered wear items.  These items such as baffles and burn plates, ceramic glass, catalytic combustors and gasket kits should be examined and are easily replaced.

Before doing extensive repairs consider that all woodstoves do have limited life span when used as a heating appliance. How hard the stove is used will directly influence how long it can be used safely. Like the automobile, only the wood stoves that are use infrequently and very gently will become the cherished antiques of tomorrow. The rest are destined to be recycled and replaced. And also like the modern automobile, the new wood stoves of today offer greater safety and efficiency and are 90% cleaner burning.

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