Most parents are more anxious about back to school than the kids are. Do you want to know why? Mainly because they cannot wait to get their quiet house back for those glorious 6 hours/5 days a week, but MOSTLY the anxiety comes from how they are going to afford to buy all that STUFF on the ever INCREASINGLY longer list of must-haves that the school sends home with their child on the first day of school. You know the one, it is included in the gazillion papers that you have ALREADY filled out every single year, without fail, YET still have to update and sign AGAIN...yup, in that pile you will probably find that list, the dreaded list of supplies that each child needs to "acquire" and bring back to school within the week. That is where we, Aldersgate UMC, Penquis, and YOU come de-stress back to school and get parents some of that ME time back...


Penquis' "We've got Your BACK" (also known as the "Back-Pack" Drive) is this months Public Supper Mission.

When children have the tools they need to start a new school year, they will be more successful, have more self-confidence and excel faster as they move through each grade. Crayons, notebooks, rulers, scissors and paper are just a few essentials needed to get these AMAZING children ready to start out on the right foot!!

Aldersgate UMC understands that as children return to school, more and more of the supplies they need must be provided by families themselves. The "We've Got your BACK" program makes it possible for children to receive donated backpacks and supplies for school that without this effort, these children would not have the proper tools needed to be as successful as possible.

Come join us on Saturday evening at 5pm, only $7.50 for our all-you-care to eat homemade supper (do you know how many crayons you can buy with $7.50???)  to support the next generation!

In turn, we are also letting our kids know that we believe in them and that with the right kinds of tools, they can accomplish ANYTHING they set their minds to!!!

Now where have YOU heard that before??

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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jul 24, 2014 17:45

Would not miss their delicious home made New England style baked beans. They are delicious!   Great food for a great cause. Come join in 'cause you've gotta eat and as Bill Cullen would say, "The price is right!". :) 

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