The National Fisherman Photograph Collection is welcomed to the Penobscot Marine Museum!

Photo by: National Fisherman

In mid-September, the Museum's photo archivists, Kevin Johnson and Matt Wheeler, drove to Portland to pick up some 20,000 photographs housed in four file cabinets. This new addition to our photography archives was donated by the highly-regarded commercial fishing journal. The Penobscot Marine Museum acquired images from a related publication, Atlantic Fisherman, during the 1990’s. In the late 50’s, the successful Maine Coast Fisherman bought up Atlantic Fisherman and began using the title National Fisherman, which still continues to thrive today. The paper has long been appreciated and respected as a premier source of news regarding fisheries and working waterfronts.


The collection consists largely of prints of numerous formats submitted with articles over four or more decades. This trove of images depicts the diverse nature of life at sea in the second half of the twentieth century. Now the phot activist begin the task of digitally archiving this enormous body of work.  Eventually, visitors to the website and to the Museum will be able to pour over these photographs themselves through the museum’s online database. This project could be a fascinating opportunity for anyone wanting to volunteer at the museum!  Interested in lending a hand?  Give Kevin a call at 548-2528 ext 210.  As always, please visit the Museum at
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