The Perfect Home in Maine..... By Breakwater Design & Build, Inc.

Here in Maine a mudroom is the functional need here that every home needs based on the climate and activities that we pursue. The mudroom is the place you put your muddy boots in the spring and in the fall, the place where you hang your coat and hat in the winter, and in the summer time, the mudroom is the place that keeps the sand and dirt out of the home. No need to keep the storage places in your home, a mudroom is the household area where family members launch each day of fun and work.
A functional mudroom doesn't necessarily need require  a lot of space, efficient use of space targeted to family's needs is the key.
Things to think about when it comes to the mudroom that your home is lacking, is seating which could be as simple as a furniture-style bench, the flooring is key in the process of a mudroom think of durable material such as ceramic tile, and boot trays and built in storage allow room in a efficient space.
The mudroom in a home is no mere storage place, a mudroom is the household staging area, where family members launch each day of fun and work.
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