The Perfectly Formed Puffin- Seabird Adaptations from Project Puffin Visitor Center.

Photo by: Megan Rogers Susie Meadows leads a Seabird Adaptation workshop as part of last year's Seaside Science Series held in collaboration with Project Puffin Visitor's Center and the Coastal Children's Museum.

Join Susie Meadows, who works with Project Puffin, on October 25th at 11am at the

Coastal Children’s Museum for a fun and engaging program about bird adaptations.

This interactive program will investigate, through experimentation, how fat keeps a bird

warm, and how different types of beaks excel at catching different types of food. We

will also answer how little puffins, smaller than a lobster buoy, spend years out on the

open ocean. After learning how puffins have adapted to life at sea, we will dress up a

kid using all of a puffin’s adaptations. This program is free and designed for school aged


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