The Quality of a Child's Life

By Lisa Cooley | Nov 23, 2012

We want our kids to like school, right? What kind of experience are your kids having at school now?

You're only a kid once. You should enjoy school. But lots of kids don't.

Here are a few things I think we need to think about:


  • Kids should have control over their environment: how they are treated at school, what they are doing, and when, and why;
  • They should have a feeling of being an important part of something great;
  • They should be able to turn their curiosity into passion, and passion into accomplishment;
  • There should be a feeling of mutual respect and trust between students and one another; and between students and teachers (a respect manifested by the time, resources and support that is given to kids for whatever they decide they need to learn).

Learning, democracy, freedom and responsibility. Four concepts that work best when they are all together.

All these things add up to the great school experience that all our children deserve.

School isn't a struggle when kids are doing work they love.

That's why a group of parents of RSU 3 children want to start a Big Picture Learning school here.

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