The Sun is now in Gemini, Jupiter is in Gemini also. Astrology is fascinating in what it offers us ...Venus turns direct on June 27th...

By ananur forma | Jun 20, 2012

            June 16-17 Mercury will be in a challenging aspect to Neptune known for confusion and misunderstandings.

            June 18-20 Venus will be favorably aspecting Uranus - sexual romantic attractions come about suddenly and are fun because there are no expectations. Mercury will be harshly aspecting Saturn known to stimulate worrying thoughts.

            June 19 the New Moon takes place at 11:02 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 28 degrees of Gemini in positive aspects with Neptune and Saturn. Not the time for making quick decisions, but to deeply ponder and also to trust the meditative process as well, to find the correct path forward. Most important is to be at a peaceful place within. This month ahead is about clarity. You know when you know. The,  “I don’t know space,” is always a place pregnant with potential.

            June 19-20 Mars will be in a positive aspect with Saturn which is good for concentration and being productive. Also during this time Venus will be awkwardly aspecting Pluto, has to do with working out old love relationship patterns which bring about the same lessons.

            June 19-21 Mercury will be nicely aspecting Mars finding you outspoken and quick with comebacks. Those who love to write will be pleased.

            June 20 the Sun enters Cancer, at precisely 7:09 p.m. known as summer solstice. A time of celebration, officially bringing us out of hibernation. Cancer has to do with family, being loyal, patriotic, and somewhat brainwashed… by what society says is acceptable. It’s important to scan your subconscious and sweep it clean of old beliefs picked up during childhood in order to find your own clarity of Selfhood, and… be loyal to That.


            June 21-23 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Neptune which is uplifting and great for those who are inclined to contemplation, mediation and pure relaxation. These folks would be receiving inspired thoughts & feelings from the Spirit that lives within us All.

            June 22-23 the Sun is nicely aspecting Jupiter, the 2 big guys! I read that Jupiter’s Moon actually act like Jupiter is the center of a solar system. With the Sun and Jupiter in a positive aspect suggests generosity and kindness being extended. Finances could be improving, this would be especially true for anyone who was born between June 21-25 of any year. Time for a fund raiser.

            June 22-30 Jupiter is awkwardly aspecting Neptune. Don’t get too excited, that which seems so wonderful is probably a scam.  This aspect has to do with being overly idealistic and impressionable. Also I feel that the media is being fed false information, and it’s going to be obvious. They might even end up apologizing.

            June 23 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Saturn which may find you a bit more sensitive, touchy… and worrying about finances.

            June 25 Saturn turns direct. It’s been retrograde, since February 7 It’s time for progress and forward momentum to take place and for outdated, nonsensical laws to change. That‘s because Saturn is in Libra. Mercury will entering into Leo, until September 1. While Mercury is in this fiery sign we tend to need verbal recognition for being “gorgeous and smart.” Leo has to do with the process of the ego evolving into a detached playful attitude toward personality, knowing that… it’s all impermanent anyway. May as well have fun with it, life, that is.

            June 27 Venus turns direct after being retrograde since May 15th.  Hopefully you’ve taken the time internally to discover what has shielded and held you back form being more loving, compassionate and accepting of others. Forgiveness requires that we remember to forgive ourselves for being judgmental, and decide to look at life without judging. That[‘s a decision.

            June 27-28 Mercury will be harshly aspecting Neptune, which is similar to June 16-17. Not the time to sign a legal document.

            *June 27-29 lots going on: The Sun in Cancer will be opposite Pluto in Capricorn, while making an awkward aspect to Uranus in Aries.  Mercury will be favorably aspecting Jupiter.

            June 28 the Sun is nicely aspecting Venus putting you in a relaxed receptive mood and also feeling generous.

            June 30-July 1 Venus will be awkwardly aspecting Saturn finding you a bit more serious today and somewhat withdrawn especially if you tend to be an introverted person.

            July 3 Full Moon with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer.


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