The Voice of the Lord and the 2020 Election

Join me Monday November 9th at 2:00 pm for Eastgate Academy FB Live “The Voice of the Lord and the 2020 Election.” God is not moving according to man’s words and agenda, but according to His Voice to fulfill His will and purpose. Numerous prophets have spoken. The Church has been praying, and the saints have been declaring that which has been decreed from heaven.


Trump will be re-elected.


During this session we will go over some pre and post-election prophecies, the “Decade of the Voice” that began in the Jewish New Year of 5780, and how God is moving through a people who speak His words.  The Lord has made a decree, “The Word that comes out of my mouth will not return unto Me void, but will accomplish that which I please, and will prosper according to My purpose (Is. 55:11). “


This election is not over until God says it’s over.


To join the live broadcast, go to my FB page at If you miss the live session, no worries, it is recorded for future viewing, both on my FB page, and on Vimeo.


In His love and grace- Roy Roden




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Comments (5)
Posted by: Kevin Riley | Nov 09, 2020 19:37

"How dare you presume to know what God wants."


The author obviously has never read the bible.
The authors post is the committal of an abomination and as such condemns the writer to hell fire.

Oh, and the author has never read or understand the 1st Amendment.

Posted by: Richard Ferguson | Nov 09, 2020 16:51

Have you ever heard of separation of church and state? You have no business commenting on the election. None!

Posted by: Valli Genevieve Geiger | Nov 09, 2020 16:07

How dare you presume to know what God wants. This is hubris of the worst kind. Be clear, this is what you want and you are dressing it up in God's clothing.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | Nov 09, 2020 13:13

"Trump will be re-elected"


Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Nov 09, 2020 11:57

290 to 214. Does that mean it"s over ?

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