The world is ending today!?

By Art Jura | Dec 21, 2012
Photo by: Art Jura WIFE: The world is ending today.HUSBAND. And what are they suggesting now?

SOUTH THOMASTON. — Just for a change in these "Finn-funnies", I am introducing a cartoon by Karlsson, who draws real opposed to the delightful-duo of "Viivi & Wagner".

This couple is eating breakfast and reading the morning newspapers. You will notice this is the same news that we are getting here. I am a bit unsure of my translation of the husband's reaction, but you get the idea!

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Posted by: Art Jura | Dec 22, 2012 08:08

I am VERY pleased to tell you that I received THREE (3) translations of the HUSBAND'S comments, all within a couple hours of posting this blog!!!

His third word (EK) represents: "Confederation of Finnish Industries", which has much influence upon all business affairs in Finland.

This is what I enjoy about any language. They give us an insight into what goes on in our world.

Thank you.

Art Jura

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