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By Carolyn Zachary | Sep 15, 2017

Thorndike column

By Linda Dixon


Condolences are being sent to the family and friends of Mabel Larrabee. I will always remember her smile.

​We have had a remarkable stretch of good weather. It makes getting the fall yard work done a pleasure.

​The Thorndike Fire Department will be set up to take donations during the Common Ground Fair. This is a great fundraiser for the department. It helps with funding for items not covered by the town.

​The Thorndike Ladies Auxiliary is busy getting ready for all their fall projects. We are missing the presence of Betty at our meetings, while she is recovering from a fall. Get better fast, Betty.

The Common Ground Fair will be here next week at this time. If you do not want to deal with all the extra traffic, get your shopping done before Friday. It can be frustrating trying to deal with all the extra traffic. Stay at home and enjoy an extra glass of wine.

I hope everyone is getting their chimneys cleaned, furnaces tuned up and their wood under cover. Proper preparation is the key to a good winter season.

​Napoleon Bonaparte was quoted as saying, "In victory, you deserve champagne. In defeat you need it."

Remember the new earlier deadline for town columns. I need to have your news items by Thursday evening each week.

Have a great week and enjoy the great weather for as long as it lasts.


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