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By Linda Dixon | Feb 21, 2020

Sincere condolences are being sent to the family and friends of Leroy Stewart. He will be lovingly remembered by all who knew him. Rest in peace, Leroy.

Dustin and I had the pleasure of dog sitting for Mia while Chris and Lisa went to Florida for a nice getaway. Mia is a terrific dog and it was a pleasure to have her visit with us.

It is fun to run into old friends at the Brooks Thrift Store. It seems as if I keep seeing familiar faces every time I go. If you have not been yet, what are you waiting for? It is my favorite destination this winter and it helps out the Brooks church at the same time. They also welcome donations of gently used clothing, housewares, bedding, etc. There is always something new.

As I sit here and the thermometer is reading -20 degrees, I am wondering how much longer will this deep freeze last. I am sincerely wanting 70 degrees on a daily basis for the rest of this winter.

If you make less than $36,000 per year, you are entitled to file for free on the internet. You can access the Free File Alliance companies that have agreed to offer free tax filing for a certain percentage of the population based on income. Head to the IRS website to see which option is the best for you. There are several companies in the alliance.

I just received a call from the Unity Area Recycling Center in Thorndike announcing that effective immediately they are accepting most plastics again. There will still be #2 colored and #2 natural, #1 and #3 through #7. That will be four containers of sorted recyclables. If you have any questions, please call 568-3117 and they will be happy to assist you. Happy recycling. I, for one, am so glad they are now accepting the plastics again. I really disliked putting them in the trash.

Matt Haig is quoted as saying, "Never worry what the cool people think. Head for the warm people. Life is warmth. You'll be cool when you are dead."

Stay warm and have a great week.


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