Those in the know, know Blue Sky Cantina is hot and NOT

By Blue Sky Cantina | Oct 15, 2010

 Hot because it is a beautiful, fun, tasty affordable Mexican restaurant and NOT part of the previous 2 restaurants once located at that location.Blue Sky Cantina is now in its second year. Jennifer and Ron, who also, created The Big Fish Cafe want those in the know to know they appreciate your patronage and continued support. To those not in the know, you are missing out on some really good food, consistently prepared to your specifications(mild, medium, hot, more HOT)served to you by friendly staff, all in a beautifully decorated space. Blue SKy Cantina has NO affiliation with any restaurant previously at this location and we are DELICIOSO!

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Posted by: Sarah Ruef-Lindquist | Oct 16, 2010 07:14

Sarah and I ate there twice during the last couple of weeks and happily report that it's excellent!  Blue Sky is one of the best places to go for a great meal, fresh local ingredients and yes, deliciouso !! try and it and you will see for yourself..... Peter Lindquist

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