Timberpeg and Breakwater Design & Build, Inc.

"The first Timberpeg timber project was constructed in 1972, it featured the traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery that became Timberpeg's trademark.

Timberpeg homes are based on a modular system of design and engineering that makes them infinitely adaptable in style, layout and size.Almost all of the timber frame buildings they produce are custom designed to meet specific lifestyles, budget, and site requirements. They realize that not everyone has the same needs or wants and they design every timber frame house to reflect the personalities of each homeowner. A Timberpeg timber frame home is a legacy that can be passed down for generations"


"Timberpeg and Breakwater Design and Build, Inc. working together will be sure to give you the local service and assistance to build your timber frame home."

Here at Breakwater Design and Build, Inc. we work together with Timberpeg as a authorized representative putting together their timber frames to establish these beautiful dream homes for our clients.





461 Commercial St.

Rockport, ME 04856

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