Time to Move Forward: Maine Infant Mortality Panel Meets in March

By Briggs & Wholey LLC | Feb 23, 2017

As a Registered Nurse and Maine attorney, I think his would be a good time to get behind Maine’s Maternal and Infant Mortality Review Panel.  With a very tight State budget, and legal restrictions on obtaining details on specific infant deaths, the Panel meets on March 29th  to address a path forward to do its work more effectively. What is the Panel’s work? The Mission Statement says: “The Panel works to reduce maternal and infant deaths and such risk as premature births and low birth weight.”  Some have criticized the Panel, but the more powerful approach is this:  Let’s give the Panel, led by Dr. Christopher Pezzullo, and assisted by Coordinator Nurse Madeline Orange, the support and statutory tools they need to investigate maternal/child deaths, analyze the evidence and fix what can be fixed. Criticism only goes so far. Let’s take positive action to support the Panel.  They clearly want to promote the safety and health of Maine’s moms and babies.


Alison Wholey Briggs, RN, Esq.

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